Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016

Das Rheingold - Page 5 AND a start on page 6

Just a quick update here, I managed to finish page 5 on Rheingold - yay me! And even better: I made a start on page 6!
You all know that I have been struggling with Rheingold for a while now, I am just not getting into it and I am pushing myself to take this out once a year and give it a try. I still love the design and I think the way it stitches up is great. So I am very happy that at the end of page 5 I just felt like putting in a few more stitches. It's only a partial column with 560 stitches, but I think it goes in the right direction. Maybe there will be a chance that I can finish the row by the end of 2017 (like 9600 stitches to go).
So here is where we are now:
I am off to start my first Nora Corbett now - one of the bewitching pixies called "Gwen". After all, the temperatures in Germany are dropping and it starts to feel like autumn around here ;-) So it's time to stitch something halloweenish ;-)

Happy stitching =)

1 Kommentar:

  1. CONGRATS. Well done for getting that page 5 finish and starting on page 6. Hopefully this will help you to work on this piece more often. Looking forward to seeing your progress on Gwen.


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