Just in case, I ever run out of projects... I am not sure if I have a pic for every chart I own. I have a folder with 60 pictures and a folder with 85 charts. I have to investigate... Some charts I got from the freebie SALs and some free charts still lack a picture, I will see if I can fix that any time soon.

I will do my best to get some order in here. So I will let my charts by company and if possible I will differentiate between my smaller charts (Qs, Minis, SKs) and the majority of my carts - BAPs.

First up are my Haed charts, I am definitely a Haed-girl, I fear. So many beautiful charts are released there and so many of them are just my style:
And just in case I am ever running out of charts, I do of corse have a wishlist!

So here are my smaller charts:
Mini Pumpkin Pixie
Mini Pumpkin Cat
Quick Stitches
QS Moon Indigo

Kimono Butterflies Mermaid

QS Good Witch

QS Fairy Monster

QS A Stitch in Time

QS Spirit of Winterrobin

QS Trapped

QS Nautilus

QS Suteki
QS Undine
QS Theatre of the Absurd
Paddys Luck


SK Die Walküre

SK History of Chocolate

And here come the big bunch of BAPs I have... Let's try to do this by Artist:

Masquerade of Shadows

Yule Angel

Wolf Variant
Bridget Tavaner (Retired!)
White Reindeer Family

Ciro Marchetti
Ice Palace
Chris Ortega
Golden Rose

David Hoffrichter
Drazenka Kimpel
Impetuous Arrival 

Hannah Lynn
Red Riding Hood
Howard David Johnson
Die Walküre
Kreimhilds Revenge

Jane Starr-Weils
Wilde Wood Fairy

Wild Honey
Noble Spirit
Josephine Wall
Goddess between Realms
Soft as Steel

A passion for the future
Bilbo Baggins
Kinuko Craft Arts
Die Walküre



Das Rheingold
Leonid Afremov
Farewell to Anger

Memories of first Love
Little Fairy Art
Spiders Queen
Marta Dahlig


Honor Restored

The Stranger

The Shield Maiden
The Eternal Promise
M.C. Escher
Mystic Moon Media
Souverain of Autumn
Nene Thomas (Retired!)
Dragon Witch Furionchires


Snow Girl

Violet Melodie

Blue Nocturne

Hit Any Key

Trick or Treat

Dragons Keeper
Sandra SanTara 
The Wylde Hunt
Sarah Butcher
Tiffany Toland-Scott 
Zindy Nielsen
Madonna in Sorrow
Art of the Antiquities 
Awakening of Psyche

La belle dame sans merci
Map of Middle Earth
I also have some of the Supersized Patterns:
Ride of the Yokai

SK Wineshelf

QS Ships and Shells

Universal Lighthouse

Moon Child

Here are some charts from Love Thy Thread. Unfortunately Bev couldn't continue with her shop , she had some great artists and did a fantastic job in charting:

Leonid Afremov

Bewitched Park

Loneliness of Autumn

When Dreams come true

Quiet Town

Alley by the Lake
Kathey Amaral (now a Haed artists, but I don't think this has been charted again)
And some charts I got from Paine Free Crafts:

Alexandra V Bach
Farewell to Lothlorien

Dwarven Leader

Forest King
Apart from those I own a few kits. I haven't take picture of all of them (I have a few Dimensions kits around here), but I will do so soon.
Here is one kit by a designer called Eva Rosenstand (I think it's a danish kit?). I got it for Christmas from my boyfriend:

And I have a few Dimensions Kits:
Twilight Bridge

Wolf Kiss

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