Freitag, 2. Oktober 2015

WIPocalypse September and YOTA

And again I didn't manage to do a WIPocalypse post in time and now it's Ocotober already.

This also means that things are getting busy here. I'm moving in two days time and it's pretty chaotic by now. We will get the keys later today and will paint the new place in the next days (the main color is 3770 and there are some areas in 816 - yes I picked the colors and we went to the shop and had them scanned and they could reproduce the colors lol). A lot of my stuff is now packed in boxes so we can finally move on the tenth. I am excited an nervous because things tend to go wrong these days (like my boyfriends car broke down yesterday... but maybe we can get it fixed in time). There is boxes everywhere now and there is still a lot of stuff noch yet packed (basically all my kitchen stuff but there is no room for more boxes here - we will take a few with us over the next week). But in one weeks time it will all be over and all will be fine and there will be a lot of room for me and my boyfriend and my stitching stuff :D

But as for the updates!
First was WIPocalypse:
I did a few more stitches on Iris (about 400) but it was not worth another picture. I will stitch on her for a few more days before we move (app until Tuesday?) and I pack her in a box. I fear there won't be another update before that move, but her next post will include a page finish (800 stitches to go).
Here is how she looks now:
I truly love the blue colors that are coming in now. It's so much fun to stitch, if only I had more time these days...

And I also worked on Kriemhild, I finished page 19 during the month:
Here she is as of last month:
And now:
The big plan is to stitch page 20 before the end of this year and then there will be more of my actual Kriemi to see =) I'm looking forward to that, but I need a little break from the sky...

I fear that's all I did during the last month. A lot of work and a lot of packing and organizing and I will be so happy when the move is done and I still have a few days off work and can just sit there and stitch. 

As for YOTA, I am extremely proud of my progress. I am still working on QS Theatre of the Absurd and I am finally getting something like a finishing rush. I worked a lot on it during the UFO week on facebook (another reason why Iris hasn't grown that much) and managed to stitch 1190 stitches in one week, yay me!!
Here is TOTA as of last month:
I thought that if I just finished the column I started on the first page it would be great (that was 700 stitches of confetti hell) but then I got a rush and stitched the column also on page 4. So I managed to finish the entire column! This means there is one full column left and one nearly full column. The last column doesn't have so much confetti in it. I will try and add a few stitches over the month (like 300 or so would be great) and hope for another finishing rush in UFO week. Anyway, I am very confident that there will be a finish soon!
Here is TOTA now:
I am going to do a few stitches on Iris now while my boyfriend is still asleep and the madness of painting begins :D
I hope you all enjoy a great and stitchy weekend =)