Freitag, 19. April 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - April

Just a quick update for the GG SAL (which was due 4 days ago).
Thank you for the well wishes regarding my MiL - she is doing sort of better, which means that she thinks that she is completely fine and can do anything and most of the time we are worried that she might get herself hurt by doing something she is not supposed to do, we had another long and exhausting discussion about driving a car when you take strong medication (and the leaflet says that you really shouldn't drive a car), but she won't listen to anybody (not the doctors, not her family and certainly not "her children"). Well, we are visiting her on Easter Sunday, I hope there won't be to much drama. While I am visiting my parents on Easter Monday, I am spending today and tomorrow with some friend and woooosh, weekend is over. On Tuesday I need to go to hospital for a few days due to my (by now chronic) pain.
I met the doctor on Monday and she was really nice, Due to the Easter holidays a lot of doctors were having some time off, but never the less she took a lot of time to listen to my problems, all the examinations, all the doctors I went to, how I am coping with the fact that I have pain all the time and so on. She said it would be the easiest thing was if I could come to hospital for a few days, they have one or two more examinations (for one of them you usually wait like 2 months - I am doing that on Tuesday... benefits of going to hospital) and start some treatments, also they want to take a look at my medication, I am feeling very tired and dizzy and sometimes have trouble to concentrate and she thinks with a few adjustments they can reduce these unwanted things. Another goal is to finally find out what is wrong. She says it sounds like crps to her, but the problem is that it is a diagnosis by exclusion. But then so many things have already been excluded and the whole process of me running to yet another doctor to check something just needs to end. Therefore I am sort of happy that I am going to that hospital, the doctor was positive that she can help me and so am I.

Well, this was a pretty long text on my unwell-being, so let's move the nicer things in live - stitching!
I only worked on one project for this month and that is my Map of Middle Earth. I originally wanted to do 2 000 stitches in celebration of the GG SALs birthday, but I only managed 1 000, which is still better then nothing and moves us to the 60k mark. I went from here:
To here:
It's getting really complicated to take a decent picture of this - after all it's 60cm (about 24 inches) wide by now!
Well, that is all I have for this month, last but not least you can find this months link-up here.

To those of you who celebrate Easter, I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and a few nice days off =) And I hope that everybody gets a few stitches in, I am planting myself outside in the garden now, the sun is finally back!
Happy stitching =)

Dienstag, 2. April 2019

WIPocalypse March

I always feel extra bad when my WIPocalypse post moves to the next month. I was just so busy over the weekend, you know all those adult things like grocery shopping and cleaning that you just don't have the time to do during the week add up then a day is gone. My future mother in law broke her shoulder like two weeks ago and we went shopping with her (it could be worse, she doesn't need surgery and she is healing well, but she can't drive and lift things and so on). She is taking a lot of medication, especially pain killers (no was around them sometimes) and she is acting a bit odd these days, she just can't keep her thoughts in order and when you talk to her she keeps mixing things up... I really hope this will get better once she is of the pain killers, shopping with her was really exhausting and took ages... After we were done, we went to pick up some plants for the garden and after I planted them, the day was nearly over and I was completely done... I didn't feel well on Sunday, so I didn't manage to put up a blog post (again). Anyway, my garden is looking better now (especially since I picked up some more extra ugly decoration - I own two beer drinking frogs now, my neighbor was really impressed when she saw them) and I am getting this post done now!
The link-up for this month is already pretty crowded, so it's really worth taking a look over there to check out more updates :)

This months question is "What newer designers and product creators (fabric or floss dyeing, etc) out there have you discovered and recommend?". Well, I didn't discover any new designers since last time, I tent to stitch the same stuff every time... Maybe because of the trouble with my hand, I didn't buy to many new things and didn't spent so much time researching new designs and designers...

But now we are coming to my progress for March. March was a funny month, I took part in the 1-stitch-a-day challenge and except for two days, I really managed to pick up my project QS Paddys Luck every day. I decided instead of doing one stitch, I am stitching one square per day (130 stitches for the first 8 days and 100 stitches for the rest of the month). There were a lot of days where I didn't stitch on anything else, so I didn't feel like making to much progress over the month. Apart from Paddy, I worked on two other projects, but first I want to show my progress on Paddy. I went from here:
To here:
I added 100 extra stitches so I would have 4 columns (and a partial) done by the end of the month. In total I did 3 430 on Paddy, I didn't realize it was so much! 100 stitches per day really add up! I am also just 2 000 stitches short of a row finish here, so that is one goal for April =)

The second project I worked on is Starlight by David Hoffrichter. I didn't stitch on this for ages - you know I love the design, but due to all the confetti it is really slow to stitch...

And now:
I finished page 4 and it took ages. It really doesn't look like much, but especially those small bubbles were confetti hell. I was sort of happy when I was done with the page, which makes me a bit sad because the result is really great. I did a total of 1680 stitches, which is still better than nothing ;-)

The third project for this month is - just as every month - my Kriemhild. The plan is to do half a page per month, but I only managed to stitch two columns (and a total of 1520 stitches). I went from here:
To here:
I plan on doing another column before I put it away to hopefully catch up with my progress. In fact I hope to be able to finish page 37 for next month. 

This is all I have to show for this month. Maybe I will also start another small Mill Hill kit, I am wondering if I might still have one of those beaded eggs (whenever I order Mill Hill kits, I pick up a ton and then I forget about them...). 
So until next time,
Happy stitching =)

Sonntag, 24. März 2019

1-Stitch-a-day update and some new stash

I am taking part in the one-stitch-a-day challenge this month. As the name suggests, it's about doing a stitch per day or stitching daily in general or on one project on which you want to get something done. I decided to pick one project and instead of doing one stitch, I am stitching a whole square on the pattern. The project I chose is QS Paddys Luck by Joana Bromley, I started this in 2015 and so far I only did 2 pages. My goal is to finish the first row of pages this year and since it is a nice and colorful spring design, it was perfect for this month. Here is where I started:
And this is where I currently am:
I nearly managed to stitch on this daily - I didn't get anything done (on any project) on the 15th. I went to a crafts fair on that day and by the time I got home I was completely done from running around all day. We had some friends visiting in the evening, so I really didn't have energy or time to stitch. But I made up for it by stitching two squares the next day. Also I stitched an additional square, so by the end of the month I will have done 4 complete columns. 
After that I will be only 2 000 stitches short of my row finish, now that sounds like something I can do in June! I can't say if I will just continue with the one square per day or push through - but I will definitely keep this "method" in my mind, it is so motivating to see this grow over the weeks =)

As I mentioned, I went to a crafts fair last week and I also bought some stitchy stuff there. I planned on not buying to much, on the one hand I am not getting much done with my injured hand (so I went for some smaller designs, I didn't feel like buying something big and you gotta buy what makes you feel good - right?), on the other hand I wanted to spent less money with the wedding drawing near. The first thing went great, I only bought 4 smaller kits, but I still spent a lot of money on various stuff (I really needed to buy a bonsai, it sparked joy!) Anyway, here is what I got:
First is a small bird kit from Alisa, it was so cute and soooo cheap, I could not walk by:

The second kit I got was also on sale, a friend of mine actually debated if he should buy it or not (he had a bunch of other kits on display) and I told him that if he didn't buy it, I would because it's to adorable to stay at the shop:
I was eyeing some more kits at that seller, but I really wanted to buy some kits from Liebevolle Kreuzstichentwürfe, I got two of their kits last year and already stitched one and I was/am so enchanted by their designs and then we agreed on something like "let's take a look at the Liebevolle Kreuzstitchentwürfe stuff and if they don't have stuff we want, we can always go back to the first seller" and well, none of us went back because we spent all our (remaining) money. I decided to go for a small design with a seagull (I love seagulls) :
I definitely plan on stitching this one this summer, I'm getting summer vacation vibes by looking at it =)
The second kit is a bigger design that consists of 9 smaller designs. I bought the matching frame (they had this stitched and framed on display and it looked so good), the frame was actually more expensive than the kit, otherwise I would have gotten another kit ;-)
The seller told me to place the mat on the fabric before stitching and mark off the squares, so it really fits. I have some of those fabric markers that disappear when in contact with water and I think that should work. This is my first kit of this "framing type" and I am really excited =) I will keep you up to date!

Last bot not least, here is my most adorable bonsai! I hope I can keep it alive ;-)
It's a Fukien tea tree (due to Google translate) and the guy who sold it told me this would actually flower, even more than once a year. I forgot to ask him when, but I guess/hope I will find out ;-) I had to get that little panda to go with the tree as well. So far the tree seems still healthy, but then I only have it for a week ;-) 

Apart from that I bought a bunch of smaller thing - soap, honey, some gifts for friends, some earrings (as every year) and so on, all in all it was a wonderful day and there is always so much wonderful stuff to see, I am already looking forward to next years fair ;-)

I hope to be back next Sunday with an update for WIPocalypse, so until then,
Happy stitching =)

Dienstag, 19. März 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - March

It's already the middle of March and here I am with my belated update for the GG SAL. 
I am currently having a few days off from work, but I am super busy preparing things for wedding and catching up with my social contacts, unfortunately due to my medication I can't do to much (but I still try) and on many evenings I am way to exhausted to do anything. Therefore I am also not really happy with my progress, I just worked on my Map of Middle Earth and I only managed to get 1 000 stitches in, so I didn't make my goal of getting the map to 60 000 stitches, but any way I went from here:
To here:
The writing "Erebor, the Lonely Mountain" is taking ages to stitch, I was a bit unsure because it looked really blurry while I worked on it. That's always funny, you put in the dark colors and the writing seems clear, then you in the lighter colors and things go blurry and then you step back and see that the writing is clear again. Above the latest writing, there is a small dark spot - this is the beginning of the Iron Hills, the last part of writing and mountains for this row, I can't believe we are drawing near that! It's still 16 000 stitches to that point and I am not sure if I can manage that this year (would be awesome), but due to "Haed standards" we are getting close :D

 Well, I fear this is all I have to show for this month. You can find all other updates at this months link-up page, so be sure to drop by and check out all the lovely projects =)

I hope to be back in a few days with a small update on my 1-stitch-a-day challenge and I also have a few new things I got from a crafts fair last week =) (and i really hope I will get my butt up to check out some other blog posts, I am so much behind with commenting)

Happy stitching =)

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2019

WIPocalypse - February

February has been a hard month for me. My hand is getting worse again and it really puts me down, I was making great progress - getting back into sports, stitching, writing, regaining strength - and now there is hardly a day when I am not in pain =/ I have not been in the mood to blog the last days, not even motivated to read blogs... But today I am giving myself a big kick to get this post up, at least it's still February.

As every month, we have a question: What do you listen to while stitching?
That's easy - I listen to audiobooks. I mostly use audible, I think my library has by now like 120 titles, mostly crime and fantasy novels. I sometimes try to watch some Youtube videos (mostly book tube and sometimes floss tube), but it's more like listening to them, so I guess that counts as well ;-)

If you want to take a look at what the other stitchers did for the month or like to know what other people listen to (maybe for some inspiration?), I recommend taking a look at this months link-up here =)

As for my progress, I worked on two projects this month.
The first one is my Supersized Ride of the Yokai by Ruth Thomson - you may remember that I wanted to get some serious stitching done on it this year. I am stitching this from the bottom up and went from here:
To here:
I am now at 12 050 stitches, so on a good way to my 15 000 mark for this year =)
I really loved working on this, but 32ct is quite demanding, but I wanted to stitch an Asian inspired design. I read "Empress of all Season" by Emiko Jean last week - an Asian inspired fantasy novel I got from my Illumicrate subscription box. The story is set in a world where there are humans and yokai, but the yokai have (mostly) been enslaved by the emperor. The main character Mari is one of the few free living yokai and wants to join the competition to become empress - which is forbidden for yokai. It was a truly entertaining story, but what made the book really special for me was that there were chapters from the gods point of view - describing the creation of the yokai and explanation about the gods. Since I am not that well-read when it comes to Asian mythology, I can't tell you how accurate this was, but it inspired me to pick up my Ride of the Yokai.
Also it inspired me to pick up another book called "A thousand beginnings and endings" which contains 15 retellings of Asian folktales by various authors. As it usually is with anthologies there were some stories I didn't enjoy so much, but none of them were really bad and the majority was really great. After each story there was a short notice from the author about the original tale they chose and why (and where the tale is from and so on).
Anyway, what I am saying is that I seem to be really hooked on this Asian stuff right now - that's pretty new for me. I don't own many Asian inspired books (was never particularly interested in it), but I might pick up "Circle of Shadows" soon (from my Fairyloot box), I think it contains magical ninjas, so I guess it will be fun :D

Well, you are here for stitching, right? Well, I promise I won't start rambling with my second project - my Kriemhild as ever month. I went from here:
To here:
Yes - a full shot means we have a page finish - page 36 is done and dusted! I am now at 159 277 stitches, so a bit over 96k to go. We are getting there!

Measi also announced the start of one month challenge for March. The basic idea (of the version I am doing) is to pick one project and work on it daily (put in at least one stitch). I think about joining in, maybe with QS Paddys Luck, another project I wanted to focus on. I will try to do even more and add 100 stitches per day - due to the fact that the section I am currently working on is not so confetti heavy, I think I can do this. Apart from that I have not made up my mind about which projects I want to work on next month, but I will (hopefully) keep you up to date.

Happy stitching =)

Sonntag, 17. Februar 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL- February

Hello lovely people, guess who is late? And guess who took pictures for this SAL in time and still managed to be late? Yeah, I don't know, we had friends visiting on Friday and it was my mothers birthday yesterday and now it's somehow Sunday evening.
A total of 13 people already signed up over at Jos place for this month, so there is plenty to see over there.
I have once again only worked on one project, my Map of Middle Earth. As I told you last month, I have been working on this since the SAL started and this month I added not 1 000 stitches, but 2 000! This means that I put in 50 000 stitches over the years for this SAL!
I went from here:
To here:
I have a total of 58 000 stitches done now and I am super happy with that =) I will try and make that 60 000 next month ;-)

Well, this is all I have to share for this month =)
Happy stitching =)

Sonntag, 27. Januar 2019

WIPocalypse January (and also my IHSW update)

Guess who's on time for WIPoclypse this month?? Yes, ME! But don't get used to it, I am sure it won't last to long ;-)
When I just looked at the link-up  for this month there was only one other person who already signed up, that's really strange :D

Answering this months question is also easy - What SALs am I participating in this year? Well obviously the WIPocalypse SAL and apart from that there is the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL hosted by the amazing Jo. This SAL is about stitching on all the wonderful things that were gifted to us or are meant to be a gift one day =) I'm featuring a couple of projects in that SAL, the biggest of them is my Heaven and Earth Design called "Map of Middle Earth XL". This thing is 422 500 stitches and over the years I featured it in the SAL, I did 48 000 stitches on it, so it's really motivating =)

And this brings us to the WIPocalypse SAL and to this months stitching =)
I worked on two projects, which is not overwhelmingly much but I am super happy with my work on those projects.
My first update is on my new start "Noble Spirit" by Jody Bergsma. You may remember that I am (again) trying a new way of stitching (for no particular reason, I just like to try something different from time to time) and I am stitching diagonally (blockwise). Last time you saw this one I had 1 000 stitches done:
I also used this for the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, on which I forgot to post. Before IHSW I was at 3 600:
And I did another diagonal during that weekend (I was hoping for two, but one is better than none). So I am currently at 4 500 stitches:
I am so much in love with this project, it was a challenge to put this down and I feel an itch to pick this up again. But I planned on taking out Ride of the Yokai next, it didn't get any love in 2018 and it's time to make up for that. But maybe I can squeeze in another diagonal on this anyway.

My next update is my monthly update on Kriemhilds Revenge by H D Johnson. I stitched half a page on her and went from here:
To here:
As you can see, we reaches her dress, so soon I will have to face stitching all the light colors on that ivory fabric again. But at least it's no background!
And the best thing: I have now 156 120 stitches done! This means 99 480 to go!!! It's less than 100k to go, I am soooo happy =) This gives me an extra motivation to work on her, it's like I can see the finish line, lol. I mean I guess I will take another 3 to 4 years to complete her, but I feel like I can finish her one day ;-)

So those are my updates on stitching and since of of might now fear that I could actually finish something one day and therefore run out of stitching entirely, here are two new charts I bought during the last Haed sale:

First up is the max color version of "Francesca" by Tatiana Hordiieko.
I bought this like right after it was released, I fell in love immediately! I am currently into high fantasy, so I couldn't walk past this amazing elvish queen. A part of me wan't to start her right away =)

The second one I picked up is a design I have been eyeing for ages, another max color chart called "She sleeps" by Stephanie Pui-Mun:
The detail in this one is just amazing, I think the SPM charts gain so much from the max colors! I originally thought about getting her in December and make her my new year start, but I was to intimidated by the amount of colors and I feel like she is more of a summer design. The year is still young, so a lot can still happen ;-)

That's all I have to share with you for this month =)
Happy stitching =)