Dienstag, 31. März 2020

WIPocalypse - March

It looks like March is already over, time has flown by again! I hope all of you are well and well supplied with stitching supplies.
We don't have a total lock-down here in Germany, but everyone is advised to stay home and not physically socialize as much as possible (and you are not allowed to meet with more than one person outside, unless you live with them). Me and my husband are working from home now, since the university is closed (at least until 19th April), so we are home most of the time. Lucky us, we are introverts. I am reading, stitching and working and my husband is playing computer games and working. So far, we and our family and friends are healthy (even one of our friends is being tested for corona, he works in a hospital and one of his patients has been diagnosed with corona after he treated him, but he is not showing any symptoms as of now). My mother seems to be a bit more reasonable now. She feels a bit lonely at home, but she seems to stay at home now.

Anyway, back to topic - Wipocalypse! The original posting date was two days ago, but I did the one-per-day challenge and wanted to finish the challenge, which I did =) But first a short reply to this months question. Did I ever adopt a project from someone else or give a project up for someone?
No :D That just never occurred :D
If you are interested in more updates for this month, feel free to visit this months link-up page here.

So we can start with my progress for this month. First I have my work for the one-per-day challenge. I chose to work om Crossing the Stream by Goldenkite and went from here:
To here:
I stitched page 5 and I am now at 16 817 stitches. Since I reached the width of my Qsnap now, I will move to the second row of pages next. I don't want to damage my parked threads with the Qsnap and page 6 looks pretty boring anyway. Since the olympic games have been moved to 2020, Measi is inserting another one-per-day challenge in July and I think about featuring this one in that again. This project also qualifies for my non-Haed in March ;-)

I really loved this one-per-day thing, so I think about doing another challenge in April for myself (maybe Paddys Luck? Or Cliffside Beacon?).

I worked on two more projects. First up is Danielle by Sara Butcher (Haed). I did not work on my Geishas in March because I felt an urge to take out Danielle with her lovely springish colors. I went from here:
To here:
I did 3 columns, aka 2 400 stitches, and crossed the halfway point on the first row. It really was a joy to stitch on her and I found the bird! I love the contrast between the light yellow and the more intense blue/red/green colors. All the parts that look white on the picture are actually Rainbow 000 and it's soooo sparkly. Love it!

After working on Danielle, I worked on my map of middle earth for the GG Sal, by now I managed to finish the first row of pages (I need to make a post on that). Since I think that I did a great job with that, I thought it ok to part with my plan to rotate through all my projects once and picked up a project on which I already worked this year - SSMC Once upon a Fairytale by Aimee Stewart! I just wanted to work on it and it's soooo much fun! I went from here:
To here:
The lantern took ages to stitch, but it was still a lot of fun and I am so happy with the result =) I did 2 rows, so another 1 300 stitches. Since it is only two more rows to finish page one, I will stitch with this one for a few more days.

I hope you and your loved once stay healthy and (as) happy (as possible right now).
Happy stitching =)

Montag, 16. März 2020

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - March

Here is my short update for the GG SAL this month. I really wanted to finish the current row on my Map of Middle Earth, but I am still 1 000 stitches short (but I plan to start the last column tonight). Still I am happy with my progress, I went from here:
To here:

The last days were a bit chaotic here, I guess a lot of you are one way or another affected by the corona outbreak. I live in the part of Germany that currently has the most cases. The university is closed from Wednesday on, but we were told to work at home on Friday and more and more shops are closing now and honestly, the whole thing feels like a science fiction / dystopian novel now. Last autumn my book club read "Not forgetting the whale" by John Ironmonger, which deals with exactly the same situation. The main character is building an emergency stock for village where he lives with food and stuff and two things are funny/ interesting:
First, he does stock up hand soap, but I am pretty sure he says that he pays attention to this because people usually forget about such basic things.
Second, he does not talk about toilet paper hoarding.
Honestly, shopping for groceries is not fun these days, people have been going mad for a few weeks now and since most parts of the country announced that the schools are closing, it has gotten worse. I am currently wondering why hand soap is a new thing for so many people and I recently read that the average person in Germany uses 46 rolls of toilet paper PER YEAR and I have seen people buying such amounts now... On the other hand there are a lot of people making fun of the situation. After a lot of people got infected in Berlin after going to discos, there was a recommendation not to go out to party, avoid big parties and so on. This resulted in a couple of people hosting and going to "corona parties" in cologne because they were annoyed by those  "recommendations"... I mean are you kidding me?!?! Also the football games here were cancelled, so thousands of fans met in front of the stadium to demonstrate for the games to go on... Such behavior is (in my view) egoistic and really makes me angry, I completely understand why social life is forced to close down now, because common sense is just not common enough around here.
I myself am not in the high risk group, by a lot of people around me are (my mother in law, my mother, my neighbors) and if I can help protecting them by cutting my social life down, I am more than happy to do that. Sometimes you need to leave your home to do stuff (like shopping groceries, going to a doctor, there are a lot of jobs out there that are important to keep our daily life going), so we just need to cut down where we can to limit the risk of spreading the infection and help flattening the curve.
I am currently a bit worried about my mother in law, she clearly is in the high risk group and everyone knows and accepts this, well, except her... We called her to offer to do the grocery shopping for her or pick up medication for her, but she says she is fine and doesn't want help. On the one hand she is a grown adult and I should respect her decisions, on the other hand she has gotten very ill in the past due to false pride (she  is quite famous for not listening to her doctors when they tell her to cut back)... Has anyone of you similar experiences or maybe a few tips?

Ah I'm sorry, I didn't plan to write such a long text on such a nasty topic, but I have a lot of this going through my mind now. I just hope all of you are save and healthy, please follow the advice to cut down your physical social contacts, I know it's annoying, but we all need to stand together now. Remember there are lots of things to do when you hermit - stitching for example! And if you don't want to stitch alone, have a stitch-a-long via skype ;-) My heart goes out to all of you, keep you heads up and you needles high =)
Happy stitching =)

Sonntag, 1. März 2020

WIPocalypse February

Time for another WIPocalypse update and I seem to be sort of in time (by accident). I thought I messed this up again. On Friday I noticed that the last Sunday of the month would have been the 23rd, so I wanted to make a post. Then I was confused, that there was no link-up, until I remembered that we had a leap-day check-in this month, so I was actually a day to early and decided to do my post on Saturday, but then I was busy helping a friend move and I was invited to a birthday party, so Saturday was suddenly over and now I am a day late for the check-in. But here we go ;-) You can find all the other entries at this months link-up page. 

I had a super productive month, I stitched a lot and I read a lot (nearly 4200 pages and on top of that 2 full audiobooks and a partial one), so I am overall very happy.

As for this months topic, it's about the "leaps" we made in stitching. I don't really know how to answer this question. A big leap for me was to start my first Heaven and Earth Designs, we all know how big those are. Also I was still a student and living on my pocket money at that time, so kitting the supplies up for this was a huge expanse for me (and not an easy decision) . Maybe another leap was my first supersize project (Ride of the Yokai), I never did such a huge project before and I needed to work on 32ct because (at that time) this would have been the only way to fit the project on my frame. But I must say that I got used to the 32ct pretty soon and I am now very happy I made that leap.
A leap that is still before me is to start a Golden Kite with blenden threads. I have a few GK in my stash and I would love to start one of them. The problem is that he projects are not only quite big (and since I would need to stitch with two threads, I would use a 22ct or lower count fabric), but the amount of blended colors is huge. The total color count is around 200 and more than 100 are blended, I am still thinking about how to organize this and kitting such a project up would be quite expensive as well. If I make my leap here, you will learn about it here ;-)

But let's get to this months progress, I am eager to show you what I did =)
First I worked on The Silence After by Chris Ortega (Haed). This was my new year start in 2018, after I bought chart and material pack pretty soon after the release. I did 4 000 stitches and then this sat in my wip pile, so it was time to work on it again. Here is the last update you saw (in Febrary 2018):
And here is where I got to:
I stitched 4 columns, so 3 200 stitches and I am very happy with this. Stitching the tree was a bit dull, but I loved working on the sky behind the tree. There was a nice amount of confetti and I love how the smaller trees in the back turned out.

The second project I worked on was Supersized SK Iris Keeper by Josephine Wall (Haed). When I started this in 2015 I stitched on this regularly and made good progress, but then it disappeared in my wip pile as well. So it was more than time to take this out again and I went from here:
To here:
I did 4 columns on the second row, so a bite more than 3 000 stitches and I loved stitching this lovely swirl on color there =).

Last but not least, I worked on a project that is not a Heaven and Earth Designs again (still going strong on that plan). I originally wanted to work on Aurora Cabin, but when I went to my cupboard to take it out, I came across "Geishas" from the Maia collection (Anchor) and I just wanted to work on it. I started this for Stitchmaynia in 2018, but I didn't stitch more than one of the Geishas heads then. Last time:
And now:
So I started dressing that Geisha in her lovey yellow kimono and I love how this turns out. Compared to a haed there are only a few colors, but I love the shading they create. The project is still on my frame and I am not sure if I feel like switching projects yet, so I think I will work on this for a additional day or two.

So this is all the progress I made in February, as I said before: I am super happy =)
Since today is 1st March, this means the start for the first WIPocalypse challenge in 2020. It's another 1 per day challenge, I participated in them last year and had a lot of fun. For March I am going to work on my Golden Kite project "Crossing the Stream" (I already did that last year) and again, I plan to stitch one square (so about 100 stitches) per day. I am going to post regular updates (about twice per week) on my Instagram (@lady_stitchalot), so feel free to follow me there, but I hope to my a mid month update on this here as well.

I hope you all had a productive month as well.
Happy stitching =)

Samstag, 22. Februar 2020

GG SAL - February

I completely forgot to make a post for Februarys GG SAL! I wanted to do one on Sunday, but then we went to visit my mother (it was her birthday) and I completely forgot about it and suddenly the week was over.
But anyway, better late then never, right? And we all know that I do this on purpose because if you go and visit the link-up page for this month, there are a lot of entries already!

As for my stitching, once again I have some work on Middle Earth to show. First of all, I lied to you in the last post. I claimed to have done 2 500 stitches, actually it was 2 600. I was pretty confused when I started page 10 and the partial column was only 4 across, not 5 :D
I am super happy with this months progress, I did 3 400 stitches! Well, the last 3 columns were mostly block stitching and went pretty fast. So I am at 73 000 stitches now, which means that I have officially less than 350k stitches left to do!
But I guess you want to see some, pictures. So here is Middle Earth as you last saw it:
And now:
Now there are only 2 columns left to finish the row, those are also going to be a bit more interesting and I am super motivated to do them next  month =)

Well, this is all I have for this month, I am really looking forward to my next update for this SAL =)
Happy stitching =)

Sonntag, 26. Januar 2020

WIPocalypse January

It's the evening of the 26th, so I am on time for this post - yay me! Be sure to check out this months link-up, there is going to be a lot of action in the next days when all the people check in for the month =)

Just like last year, there is a monthly question and just like last year, the first one is about which SALs I am participating this year. And just like last year, it's only this SAL and the GG SAL, where we are working on projects that were a gift or are meant to be a gift. My last post was my entry post for 2020 for that and I already did a great start with my map of middle earth ( 2 500 stitches!).

Since I speant quite a lot of time on Middle Earth, I did not get as much done on my other projects, but I am still happy with what I did.
First I stitches another row on Supersized Maxcolor Once upon a Fairytale, which is a lot of fun, but full of confetti. So last time:
And now:
So during this month I did 2 600 stitches, since the project has nearly 714 000 stitches, I am nearly done...not...

The second project I worked on is one of my non-haeds! You all know I love my haeds and I work on them a lot. But I also own a big bunch of projects by Gecko Rouge, Dimensions and lately Tilton crafts (they released a bunch of great Lord of the Rings charts lately), but for my taste I am not working on them enough. Therefore I will try to work on (at least) one project every month that is not a haed. For this month I chose a design by Gecko Rouge called "Across Winter Lake". The artist is Jo Grundy and she did a lot of lovely winter and nature designs. I started this project in 2018 (I think) and then it disappeared in my cupboard until last week. I remember that the confetti really put me off and I must say that this project is going quite slow. But the part of the chart I am working on is just full of confetti and it definitely gets better.
Any way, a long long time ago, Across Winter Lake started to look like this:
And now I finished page 1 and it looks like this:
I added 2 016 stitches and I am now at 3 888 stitches done. I am currently undecided if I should continue to work across (more trees and confetti) or start to work down (then I would stitch a part of the lake with less confetti). Since I am going to switch projects again, I have a bit of time to decide on this matter (I just hope it won't be another 2 years until I work on it again).

I also did some more work on that Christmas ornament. I was in the middle of writing an extra long paragraph telling you that I did the beading, but hate backstitching and seriously need to get my butt up to do it when i decided that I could just give is a try. And now, I am done with the backstitching! I must say that I am no good when it comes to french knots, so my rabbit look a bit stoned....
So that's actually a tiny finish for this year! Don't get used to it ;-)

I am off to bed (and a nice book) now, so happy stitching to all of you =)

Freitag, 17. Januar 2020

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - January

January is already halfway over, so it's time for a short update for the GG SAL. I wanted to post on Thursday, but then I was so close to finishing page 9 on Middle Earth that I decided to do that first and so I am posting today. I only worked on Middle Earth this month, but I did 2 500 stitches during the last week! I mus add that since we are nearing the end of the row, there is not much confetti and this stitches up in no time. I went from here:
To here:
Nevertheless I am super happy with my progress and I am so excited that I am starting the last page on the first row next month.
Just like last year, there is a monthly link-up and you can find the one for January here.

Happy stitching =)

Sonntag, 5. Januar 2020

WIPocalypse 2020 - Introduction

Happy new year, I hope you all made a good start for 2020!
We had a lovely celebration with our friends on the 31st. I think we are getting old by now. Back in the days we felt ill at the end of new years even due to to much alcohol and party and now we feel ill at the end of the day due to to much food :D We ate like a ton of raclette and potatoes and muffins. We stayed overnight at our friends house and since we had so many left overs, we had raclette again for "breakfast" (more like brunch) and I think I am done with cheese for a few weeks now ;-)

But for the first WIPocalypse post a short introduction is in order. Well, I am Johanna and by now 28 years old and I live in Germany. I studied mathematics and I am currently doing my phd (which I hope to finish this year). I live with my husband and he is studying computer science (about to start his master thesis now). Apart from stitching I love to read and when I stitch I usually have an audiobook playing (or booktube). I also know how to knit and crotchet, but I enjoy stitching a lot more.
I started blogging in 2011 and joined the WIPocalypse in 2012, I think took part nearly every year and hope the SAL will continue for the next years. Most of my projects (and stash) are from Heaven and Earth Designs, but I also own a bunch of charts and kits from Dimensions and Gecko Rouge. I prefer the bigger designs, but I also own a ton of Mill Hill beaded kits and ornaments. I fear I am really bad at blogging these days, but I update my instagram far more often (feel free to follow me @lady_stitchalot ). I always plan to post here more often and I also plan that for this year, I am just not sure of this will work out ;-)

Well, this is all I have to say about myself now. So what did I do in the last week?
On the non-stitchy side I read a lot, I dug out my Kindle again and have been glued to it since Christmas (I think I read like 5 books since then). Apart from that I had a first try at making my own soap (yesterday), it definitely looks very promising so far, but the soap needs to rest about 4 to 6 weeks until you can use it. I will keep you up to date ;-)

On the stitchy side there is my new year start =) I decided to join the crowd who stitches some version of Aimee Stewarts Once upon a fairy tale! I decided to go for the supersize max colors version, so it's 999x714 stitches and 239 colors, oh my! I decided to go for 25ct lugana because I fear there is going to be a lot of confetti (and I had a suitable piece of fabric in my stash). Here is what this will (hopefully) one day look like:
And here is where I currently am:
I decided to stitch this in rows (I sometimes just need a little change) and so far I stitched 3 rows or 1950 crosses. I am stitching this 1 over 1 as usual. There definitely is a lot of confetti, but I really enjoy it and plan to continue with this project for a few more days.
I also finished the first package of beads on my Mill Hill ornament and plan on finishing this in the nest days (just can't put down my fairytale).

This brings me to the plans for 2020... Ah plans usually don't work out for me. The thing about 2019 that made me most unhappy was that I did not work on all of my projects. So I think this will be my goal for 2020, work on all of them. I will try and rotate my projects more often and therefore I will now have a focus piece for the next months, at least not for the WIPocalypse SAL. I plan on concentrating on my map of middle earth for the GGSAL to finish the first row, after I am done with that I will probably decide for another focus piece for this SAL.

So that's all I have for this time. The link-up for this month is already up, since I am a lot more on time than usual, it's not that crowded yet, but I am sure this will change soon ;-)

Happy stitching =)