Sonntag, 1. Dezember 2019

WIPocalypse November

After being on time last moth, I really needed a break and decided to mess it up again for November. I somehow thought November had  31 days, so I thought that I had an additional week and today would be the official WIPocalypse day... Ah well... I am not really ready for December yet. I am not in a Christmas mood (even though I went to a Christmas market last Friday and spent a ridiculous amount of money on food and drinks) and yesterday we bought a last-minute advent wreath (there were not so many left, but we found a pretty one). We don't have any decoration up yet, but we lit the first candle for breakfast and it was pretty festive =)  I started to collect the first presents for Christmas, so I am making progress!

But back to topic, this is supposed to be about stitching ;-) I made a fair amount of progress since last month, looks like the end of the year in sight makes me speed up! I worked on three projects.

First I still hast QS Trapped on my Qsnap, since I started late with the one-per-day-challenge, my challenge ran until the 6th November and I kept my pace of one square per day. I was pretty close to finishing the first row, I think like 1 600 stitches, so I decided to do those in November as well. So I went from here:
To here:
So I did 2 880 stitches on this one in November, even more than in October =) I am super happy that I finished this row, I originally wanted to finish the next page on the second row as well for this year, but I think I am trying to work on a few more of my other projects instead. I did over 5 000 stitches on Trapped and I think that's a good amount of progress.

The next project I worked on it Whispers by Melanie Delon. It has been quietly sitting on my WIP-pile for ages now and when I took it out and started to stitch on it, I just couldn't stop. So I stitched a full page in just 10 days! I went from here:
To here:
I still had trouble putting this down, but I had to do a bit of work on my Map of Middle Earth for the GGSAL and afterwards I put Kriemhild back on the frame, so I put it away after one page. But I plan to work on it again early next year.

The third project was - as mentioned above - Kriemhild by Howard David Johnson. I still have a row to finish there and did a fair bit towards that already. I went from here:
To here:
I did 3 columns, which means that I still have 3 columns left to stitch. I am using this project for the current Haed-challenge, so I need to finish those three columns until Christmas, which should not be a problem.

So I did a total of 10 150 stitches in November, oh my! This might explain why I only read 5 books :D Well, I listened to a lot of audiobooks (mainly the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Institute by Stephen King), so it's more like 7 or 8 books for the month ;-)

Last but not least there is this months question, about which new techniques I learned in 2019: eh.... none :D
But maybe someone else picked up something new, only one way to find out: Check out this months link-up to see all the other updates!

Happy stitching =)

Sonntag, 17. November 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - November

Oh my, it's already the middle of November, where did this year go? It's only 5 weeks until Christmas and 6 weeks to the end of the year. I feel like I still have tons I want to do this year, so many books I wanted to read in autumn and now it's winter, so many projects I still want to work on or on which I haven't met my goal this year... I usually start organizing my presents for Christmas quite early, I normally make a list in November and pick up most things at the end of November and then I am done with my shopping in early December. But this year I haven't really planned anything so far (well I have two books on my list that I want to give to my mum - she is always "easy" because she reads a lot, but usually she doesn't buy hardcovers because cost twice as much, so I always pick up one or two hardcovers for her).
But back to stitching! I worked on one project for this GG SAL and - as almost every month - it's my Map of Middle Earth. I went from here:
To here:
So I finished the column from last month and added another columns . Middle Earth now entered the Iron-H, lol. Since I want to do 2 more columns to meet my yearly goal of 12 000 stitches, I am keeping this on my frame for a few more days, I want to do at least 500 more stitches before I put it away until the middle of December. I also have that Santa Stocking lying around somewhere, so it would be nice to pick that up as well for Christmas ;-)

I am directly heading off to my frame again, Middle Earth is calling and I can't wait to get back to my current audio book, which is "The Institute" by Steven King. I am listening to the German translation because it's narrated by David Nathan and I absolutely love him! So all I have left to do is point you towards this months link-up, so you can take a look a how everybody else did this month.

Happy stitching =)

Sonntag, 27. Oktober 2019

WIPocalypse - October

Guess what? I am on time for Octobers WIPocalypse! So far only two people signed up for this month, so I really am an early bird ;-)
This months question is again an easy one - rotation or one project at a time? Well, as you can see/read, definitely rotation! I do have a few focus pieces (currently Kriemhild and Middle Earth), but in between I rotate my other project on an irregular basis, it just seems to be the best for me. I guess I will try a rotation plan again next year to swipe through all my projects and we will see how that goes (last time I managed to stick to this plan for like 5 months).

As for my progress for this month, I have two projects to show.
First up is my work on the One-per-day challenge. Since I started late on this, I will continue for a few more days. So far I went from here:
To here:
I finished page 3 and did a total of 2320 stitches so far and I am pretty happy with that. There are about 2800 to finish the next page and finish the row and I hope to do this for my November update. Since there is a lot of background here, this stitches up really quickly and it's pretty easy to do my 100 stitches a day. And by the way, since it's October I am super happy to use that extra cute needle minder! I don't remember where I got it, but it so adorable =)

The next project, that is also still on my frame, it - as always - Kriemhild. I went from here:
To here:
There are only 15 stitches across, but they took quite long. Her hand was pure confetti, but at least it is finished now and I think the confetti is getting better now. There are 60 stitches across to finish the row and I really want to do this before the year ends. But looking at this picture, I must say that I am once again overwhelmed by the detail in this chart, the rock looks so real!

So that's all I have for this month. My plans for next month are to finish the row on QS Trapped and add at least 3 columns to Kriemhild, who will stay on my frame for a few more days. I want to change projects towards the weekend and maybe work on Whispers for a few days, it's such a perfect project for gloomy days.

Happy stitching =)

Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2019

Gifted Gorgousness SAL - October

I am only two days late - I am getting better at this! And I again managed to work on two projects for this months GG SAL
Things are going back to normal now - we went to our photographer and got a couple of pictures printed for our thank-you-cards and we finished putting them together today - finally! Then we also went to another wedding on Saturday, two of our best friends got married and we did our best to help them as much as we could (honestly, we would have been lost without all the help from our friends, so we were even more motivated to help). The celebration was great, but the whole thing was pretty exhausting for us ;-) So I am still a bit behind with all my stuff here ;-) But I hope it will get better now and I will be able to follow your blogs on a more regular basis in the future =)

But back to topic, I guess you want to see a few pictures! So here we go!
The first project I worked on was In the Moonlight by Cindy Grundsten, I went from here:
To here:
Not much to see - still background here. I did another 1 300 stitches on this and I will do my best to add another column for next month, this would mean catching up to where I was before I had to start over (and I would hopefully be more motivated to work on this again..:).

The second project I worked on is my Map of Middle Earth, I fear I have only 600 stitches to show for this month, but I went from here:
To here:
I will keep this on my frame for a few more days to finish this column and to (hopefully) add another column for next month =)

I also knitted a pair of baby socks for my friend (the one who got married), but I already gave them away. I am currently doing another pair for her that match the baby socks, but I still have a way to got there.

I fear this is all I have to show for today.
Happy stitching =)

Montag, 7. Oktober 2019

WIPocalypse September

Better late than never - right? So here is my update for September, which is really tiny! September just flew by! First the wedding, then I went to a retreat from university (which was pretty boring, I read a lot, but no stitching), then I was at how for three days and then we went on our honeymoon and then October was here.
We spent a really nice time in Greece, the weather was great and both my husband and I need a break, so we spent a lot of time relaxing in our private pool:

And well, lots of food, a bit of culture and for me a lot of reading and swimming. But I am back in Germany now, being back home is a nice thing, but it is so cold here :D

Well, back to stitching! I only have a super tiny update on Kriemhild to show, but at least I managed to finish page 38. I went from here:
To here:
There is a bit more confetti by now, since I managed to finish her dress (at least for this row). Now it's only one full age and a very small partial page to finish row number 5! Kriemhild is staying on my frame for a few more days (I think), because I really want to get a bit more done. I want to finish this row this year and I currently feel like I need to speed up a bit. Sometimes I feel like I need to take a month off from working on her and I feel that coming, so after the current row I am taking a small break.
In October there is another One-per-day-challenge going on and I plan to attend. Since I am joining a bit late, I am going to continue a bit into November, so I am going to work on my project for one month and hopefully daily =) I decided to pick up QS Trapped by Melanie Delon, I have not worked on this for ages. Here is my starting point:
I am continuing on the first row, there is 5200 stitches left, which might be a bit to much to do in one month, but I definitely want to finish page 3 (29 across) and at least make a start on page 4. I again plan to stitch (at least) one square per day, so my daily goal varies from 90 to 110 stitches per day. I am going to post updates on my Instagramm (@lady_stitchalot) during the month (not daily, but once or twice a week), so feel free to visit me there =)

This months question really made me laugh (and cry a bit) - it's about finishing styles... hahaha... me and finishing things... a well, I must say that I really love to see wall hangings and I think I would like to finish a project like this one day ;-) But I must say that a lot of my projects are things that I can best imagine to be framed in the end =)

Sonntag, 15. September 2019

WIPocalypse August & GG SAL September &Wedding update

Ah well, time flies by! I was so busy before my marriage (the party was on 6th September) that I hardly got any stitching done and I didn't find the time to make a blog post about WIPocalypse and then the time for the GGSAL was already drawing near and since I don't have to much to show for any of these, I decided to combine them into one post.

Our wedding was great, we had a lovely ceremony with my family and friends, but the whole week was very exhausted. It all began on 30th August, when our neighbors suddenly turned up on our doorstep with a giant wreath and food and beer and they decorated our door and we had a small celebration (they call it "Kränzen") and here is how lovely our door looked afterwards:
So on that night we sat outside drinking and talking until midnight and the next day on the 31st, we had our Polterabend, where all our friend from university and work and so on turned up. We had a lovely BBQ party and there is a tradition where your visitors smash porcelain (for good luck, you are not allowed to throw glas because that is supposed to bring bad luck) and the bride pair needs to clean it up (to show that they face things together) and then your lovely visitors just spill the mess again and we have to clean again (because life isn't fair ;-) ). Well, this was actually a lot of fun. We had a bit of a rain storm that night, where we all running to bring in the music box and the food and we all got pretty soaked, but it only lasted a few minutes and the party continues until like 4 in the morning (well, I went to bed around 2:30 but my husband kept going). I guess I don't need to say that we were pretty done on Sunday... And Monday...
And then we were already back into preparations and the 6th was already upon us. The day was great, we had some lovely weather, the ceremony was amazing, good food and all our friends around. I wore a huge white wedding dress and if any of you ever plan to get married in a huge and heavy dress, remember to bring a second dress because the dress got really heavy over the day and after the wedding dance I changed into something more comfortable. The dance went good, we settled for "Once upon a December" (he proposed in  December, so that actually fit) and later that night, when I had already changed, we did a second waltz to "Blood Brothers" by Iron Maiden, which was amazing!
Even thought this was all beautiful, I was pretty happy when it was all over and I just slept for like 2 days ;-) Last Friday on the 13th, our neighbors turned up again and took down the wreath (it's called "Abkränzen") and that's basically an excuse to try and drink up all the leftover, so we had another exhausting night :D And we still have a lot of beer left :D

Well, now let's focus on stitching. My WIPocalypse update is really short, I only did two columns on Kreimhilds Revenge and went from here:
To here:
I really hope to do better for next month, the current page is nearly finished, so at least that should be possible for October.

As for the GG SAL, there is not update on Middle Earth for this month! I worked on it so much during the last month that I decided to give it a months rest and pick up something else. I actually even worked on two projects and the second it still on my frame and will therefore make another appearance next month.
First I worked on Wolf Kiss by Dimensions, it was only like 3 days, but I went from here:
To here:
After that I decided to dip up In the Moonlight by Tilton Crafts again, it has been ages since I worked on it. Last time:
And now, only 300 stitches added so far, but it's a start:
So this is all I have for this month. As always, there are link ups for both monthly SALs. You can find last months WIPocalypse entry here and the GG SAL here.

Happy stitching =)

Montag, 19. August 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - August

Here we go with another GG SAL update. It's less than 3 weeks to my wedding, so I am quite busy with the preparations by now. We decided to do a Polterabend, which is a celebration before the actual wedding and very traditional around here. You basically celebrate with your neighbors and friends and it's mostly drinking and smashing porcelain (for good luck). We are planning a bbq party with a lot of people from work /university. Around here there is also a tradition called "Kränzen", where your neighbors make a long garland out of greenery and decorate it with flowers. The whole thing is then placed above your door, so every one sees that there is to be a wedding. Traditionally this happens very close to the wedding day, like one or two days before, but by now it often happens on the weekend before because it goes with a lot of drinking. Traditionally this is organised by the neighbors and the bridal couple doesn't know when it happens, but since we are doing a Polterabend on the weekend before the wedding (on the 31st), we think that the whole thing will happen then ;-)
Anyway, we are busy organizing stuff for that (drinks and food and so on). Apart from that we are learning to dance now (waltz) and it works better than we thought. We still have a way to go, but we are practicing almost every night (at least for half an hour) and I am confident that things will work out.
But this post is supposed to be about stitching! I worked only on my map of Middle Earth, but I did a lot on it! I did not only manage to finish page 8, I also did the first column on page 9. I went from here:
To here:
You can see the beginning of the Iron Hills now, wich is actually the last writing for this row! I am not at 63 000 stitches now, so I did l about 2 500 stitches during the last month - I just couldn't stop.

I hope that I will be able to get my butt up to work on a few other projects (like In the Moonlight, Candy Cane or Wolf Kiss) for the SAL this year, I only seem to be working on Middle Earth. Last but not least, there are plenty of other entries for the SAL this month and you can see them here =)
So this is all I have for this month, by the next entry I'll be married, I can't believe it! =)
Happy stitching =)