Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

Time for new starts!! =)

Well, my master thesis is done, I may now officially call myself "Master of Science". The last weeks were very stressful, but in the end it was worth it. But I am quite happy that it is all done now and I have a bit of free time before getting started on my PHD =)
And what does one do if one has free time? YES- stitching!

Ad that works best if one has a few new starts ;-)

First up is a quick stitch I started. I have eyed this from time to time since it was released, but somehow I never bought the pattern. I originally planned on starting Danielle (scroll down) after handing in my master thesis, but my fabric hadn't arrived, so I decided to go for something else. I bought that pattern that evening and started it right away.
So here are the details: The design is called "QS Paddys Luck" by Joanna Bromley. It's 195x277 stitches, which makes a total of roughly 54000 stitches. I am again stitching the large version of the chart, so it is 16 pages long. I absolutely love the cheerful colors and it is really fun to stitch!
Here is how the finished design will hopefully look like:
And here is what I got so far, some 3000 stitches into the first page:
I decided once again to substitute the Kreinik with Glissen Gloss Rainbow R000. There is quite a lot of sparkle already, but unfortunately you can't see it in the picture. I am working this one on 25ct Lugana in ivory.

But this is not my only new start! I also started another BAP called "Danielle". The moment this was released, I knew I had to get this and stitch it. This new start was somehow chaotic. I ordered some 28ct Lugana in vanilla at first, but then I got an email that the color was no longer available (I didn't get it at first, because it got lost in my spam folder), so I went for off-white instead. It took a few days longer than expected for the fabric to ship. Then I wasn't home, when it was delivered and had to wait another day! 
Then I finally got started on it, when I was some 300 stitches into the pattern I noticed, that two colors had the same symbol! So I wrote an email to Michele and she sent me new version of the chart right away. I was just checking the other symbols, when I noticed that the symbols for two other colors where nearly identical (I couldn't tell them apart in the chart), so I wrote another email and Michele once again changed the chart for me. Did I every say, that she is absolutely brilliant??
The recent trouble was, that I was missing a color. I searched everywhere until I noticed that I just labeled it wrong (with a colornumber that doesn't exist...). I hope I am done with chaos on this project now ;-)

But I guess most of you wonder, what it is, that causes all the chaos and is still worth the trouble ;-)
This is Danielle by Sarah Butcher:
I am so in love with this design and I enjoy every stitch so far. The Design is 450x567 stitches, which makes a total of 255150 stitches. It's 64 pages in large format and I am just some 1300 stitches in so far. I am really looking forward to working with all those colors =) I decided to try something new and used DMC E5200 as a substitution für Kreinik. I just made a few stitches with it so far, so I can't say much about it ;-) 

Here is what I did so far:

I love stitching the yellow colors, it's quite different from my other projects (they tend to have may blue and purple colors) and stitching that butterfly is real fun =)

I also got another new chart during one of the last sales.
I guess most of you noticed the new supersize patterns. I think the true detail of the bookshelves by Aimee Stewart and the designs by Josephine Wall comes to life in those huge projects. I only got one so far but there are many that are calling to me.
I went for "Supersize QS Ships and Shells" by Josephine and it really is the supersize version of a quick stitch (lol, I just love the name). The original QS is only 175 stitches wide, whereas the supersize is 999 stitches wide, so the detail gained is breathtaking. I haven't figured out how to get this one on a frame (I'm going to do some experiments on 32ct), but one day this will be stitched:

I also thought about getting the supersize version of Goddess between Realms, but the original version is already quite big (over 700 stitches high) and so I decided to stick with the version I already have. But many of the Wall pieces are rather small (considering the amount of detail), so the supersizing really gives a lot more detail. I guess I'm going to buy a few more of these huge designs in the future ;-)

But I will continue stitching on Danielle now, I just can't put her down =)

Montag, 11. Mai 2015

WIPocalypse and YOTA - May edition!

Well, I know I am rather later with this post, but I have been so busy with my master thesis, that I didn't find the time and energy to make an entry. I fear I won't be able to do a post for the gifted gorgeousness SAL because I didn't work on any of my projects so far.

Well, as for WIPocalypse:
Last months event from the Stitch Stash and Honking Rakateers Club was to work on as many WIPs as you can, so I did my best to change between projects. Therefore I have a bunch of pictures to show =)

First up is Rheingold, which is tending to become an UFO because I really don't feel like working on it. I added just 700 stitches and made a start on page 4.

Next up is Starlight. I always love to work on this one, it's full of confetti, but the result is just amazing =) I added just one column because most evenings I was to tired for the confetti, but I will surely return to this soon. I made a start on page 3 and added about 1000 stitches:

And after:

I also put a bunch of stitches into Yule Angel. It was really nice to work on something with almost no confetti and to make fast progress, so I stitched the rest of page 4 (about 3200 stitches)

 And after:
I am currently working on Wolf Variant by Bente Schlick, because this was calling to me most, so the next update will be on that one. 

So for my YOTA updates, I put some 400 stitches into QS Theatre of the Absurd. Since I will have a bit more free time soon (especially this month), I hope to get a few more stitches in for next update. Here is my lastest photo on it:
I also took out Paris Market because it is my oldest project and added a few hundred stitches. 
And after:
I also got a bunch of new charts, but I guess I will show them next time when I have some progress to show on Wolf Variant. 
I ordered some fabric and threads for a new start, so the next post might also be on that.

I am really sorry for not commenting on your blogs right now, I am just so busy. I hope to improve in the future ;-)