Freitag, 29. Mai 2015

Time for new starts!! =)

Well, my master thesis is done, I may now officially call myself "Master of Science". The last weeks were very stressful, but in the end it was worth it. But I am quite happy that it is all done now and I have a bit of free time before getting started on my PHD =)
And what does one do if one has free time? YES- stitching!

Ad that works best if one has a few new starts ;-)

First up is a quick stitch I started. I have eyed this from time to time since it was released, but somehow I never bought the pattern. I originally planned on starting Danielle (scroll down) after handing in my master thesis, but my fabric hadn't arrived, so I decided to go for something else. I bought that pattern that evening and started it right away.
So here are the details: The design is called "QS Paddys Luck" by Joanna Bromley. It's 195x277 stitches, which makes a total of roughly 54000 stitches. I am again stitching the large version of the chart, so it is 16 pages long. I absolutely love the cheerful colors and it is really fun to stitch!
Here is how the finished design will hopefully look like:
And here is what I got so far, some 3000 stitches into the first page:
I decided once again to substitute the Kreinik with Glissen Gloss Rainbow R000. There is quite a lot of sparkle already, but unfortunately you can't see it in the picture. I am working this one on 25ct Lugana in ivory.

But this is not my only new start! I also started another BAP called "Danielle". The moment this was released, I knew I had to get this and stitch it. This new start was somehow chaotic. I ordered some 28ct Lugana in vanilla at first, but then I got an email that the color was no longer available (I didn't get it at first, because it got lost in my spam folder), so I went for off-white instead. It took a few days longer than expected for the fabric to ship. Then I wasn't home, when it was delivered and had to wait another day! 
Then I finally got started on it, when I was some 300 stitches into the pattern I noticed, that two colors had the same symbol! So I wrote an email to Michele and she sent me new version of the chart right away. I was just checking the other symbols, when I noticed that the symbols for two other colors where nearly identical (I couldn't tell them apart in the chart), so I wrote another email and Michele once again changed the chart for me. Did I every say, that she is absolutely brilliant??
The recent trouble was, that I was missing a color. I searched everywhere until I noticed that I just labeled it wrong (with a colornumber that doesn't exist...). I hope I am done with chaos on this project now ;-)

But I guess most of you wonder, what it is, that causes all the chaos and is still worth the trouble ;-)
This is Danielle by Sarah Butcher:
I am so in love with this design and I enjoy every stitch so far. The Design is 450x567 stitches, which makes a total of 255150 stitches. It's 64 pages in large format and I am just some 1300 stitches in so far. I am really looking forward to working with all those colors =) I decided to try something new and used DMC E5200 as a substitution für Kreinik. I just made a few stitches with it so far, so I can't say much about it ;-) 

Here is what I did so far:

I love stitching the yellow colors, it's quite different from my other projects (they tend to have may blue and purple colors) and stitching that butterfly is real fun =)

I also got another new chart during one of the last sales.
I guess most of you noticed the new supersize patterns. I think the true detail of the bookshelves by Aimee Stewart and the designs by Josephine Wall comes to life in those huge projects. I only got one so far but there are many that are calling to me.
I went for "Supersize QS Ships and Shells" by Josephine and it really is the supersize version of a quick stitch (lol, I just love the name). The original QS is only 175 stitches wide, whereas the supersize is 999 stitches wide, so the detail gained is breathtaking. I haven't figured out how to get this one on a frame (I'm going to do some experiments on 32ct), but one day this will be stitched:

I also thought about getting the supersize version of Goddess between Realms, but the original version is already quite big (over 700 stitches high) and so I decided to stick with the version I already have. But many of the Wall pieces are rather small (considering the amount of detail), so the supersizing really gives a lot more detail. I guess I'm going to buy a few more of these huge designs in the future ;-)

But I will continue stitching on Danielle now, I just can't put her down =)


  1. Those are some great starts! I'm drawn to Butterfly Ball and The Guardian Angel in SS but suspect I would never actually finish. I do love the ss ships and shells though - Jo Wall is an amazing artist.

  2. Congratulations on your Masters Johanna! :D Love the colours in the QS. The light effects E5200 is much more subtle than krienik, it looks pretty though. Have fun stitching your new charts!

  3. Wow, you are going to be busy stitching for a loong time:) Stunning charts and wonderful progress - all those colours look amazing!

  4. Amazing new starts, I can't wait to see them grow! And I can only recommend 32 count, it's not that much of an adjustment from 28 count, the coverage is great 1 over 1, and it'll help you save up some floss as well! :))) I did a test once, and while a whole skein of DMC lasted about 6000 stitches on 25 count (on a big single-color patch), I got about 8000 stitches out of it on 32 count! :)))

  5. Beautiful new starts! Sorry you've had some issues with the Sarah Butcher chart, I hope that it doesn't cause any more issues! I confess to owning a few of the Supersize charts and I'm just prepping to start my first one!


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