Sonntag, 7. Juni 2015

WIPocalypse and YOTA - June is here!

Well, here we go with another combined post on YOTA and WIPocalypse. My big goal for next month is to do the WIPocalypse post on WIPocalypse day and the YOTA post on YOTA-day, lol.

I'm going to start with my progress on my WIPocalypse pieces since this was first. I added my new starts to the list, so there will also be some updates on them from now on. But let's start with this months question:
Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?
Well, I guess that's summer. I spent more time knitting in winter, so I have less time for stitching ;-) I'm not sure if I really make more progress, but at least it feels like that ;-) 

I guess I haven't shown you my progress on Wolf Variant which I made some time during the month. I decided to stitch the page below the first page next instead of moving to page two. I will try and work a bigger row which will be some 200 stitches high. Otherwise I won't really see anything of the wolf while working my first row. I made a start with adding some 1600 stitches.
And after:
This a actually my biggest project (up to now) so I will try and pick it up quite often ;-) 

Next up is once again my new start "Paddys Luck":
And Danielle, on which I have worked since my last post. The first four columns are complete, the butterfly is nearly done and I really love it :) I already started the next column and will finish it before picking up something else 

You can also see the start of one of her gorgeous wings =) I am really excited about this =)

Well I guess that's it for WIPocalypse. I must say, that I am really happy with my progress for this month. I'm not sure if I will be able to, but it would be amazing to get that much done in June as well ;-) 
After Danielle I will stitch on Middle Earth for a few days so there will be an update for the gifted Gorgousness SAL in a weeks time. And after that I will take out Kreimhild once more =)

So here is my update for YOTA. I once again decided to battle the confetti on QS Theatre of the Absurd and put some 500 stitches in. Not as much as I wanted, but I really spent hours on this one! I guess it took me two hours or more to fill one tiny square.... I will continue with the started column and I am confident about being able to finish it for next time because the squares to come are not that confetti heavy. 
And after:

The flute player (or whatever he is doing there) is officially done now, there was so much confetti in him, so I really hope it will get better. Four columns and the started one to go!

Well, I see you in a few days with an update on Middle Earth and Danielle =)


  1. You've done so much! I love Danielle, she'll be amazing.

  2. Boah, a bunch of 'Heaven and Earth'-Designs as WIPS. I envy you of having such patience.
    You are doing great work.

    Happy stitching

  3. Wow, great progress on all your WIPs:) The colours of Danielle are stunning - I can see why you love stitching her!

  4. You've made such great progress! I can't believe how much you got done on Wolf Variant, wow.

  5. Lots of fantastic progress on all your pieces. You had a very successful YOTA 500 stitches is a lot on a HAED.

  6. Thank you for visiting me, I haven't been a very timely blogger this year either but I'm trying to get back to it. I miss my blogging friends. Great progress this round and all on HAEDs too! I love how they look like blobs of nothing and then all of a sudden details start to pop.

  7. Great YOTA progress! That butterfly is gorgeous; can't wait to see more of that piece!

  8. Great progress, they are all looking fab! I look forward to seeing the next update!

  9. Oh my, Heaven and Earth's (?) Beautiful job!!!! They are coming along so nicely. Those side threads/parking...awesome job. Personally, would drive me crazy! lol

    I'm working on a HAED design myself


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