Dienstag, 23. Juni 2015

Kreimhilds Revenge - page 18 is done!

Here I am with a page finish, yay!
I guess I have not properly introduced Kreimhild on this blog, so I will do that now (my apologies to all who already know everything about her, this might get boring for you).

Kreimhild's Revenge is an artwork by Howard David Johnson. In private I always call her Kriemhild.
This is the first Heaven and Earth Design I bought and my addiction started with her. I came across Heaven and Earth Designs in the second half of 2010 and was fascinated, I spent hours looking through the designs and fell in love with this lovely lady. I bought the chart in February 2011 and started kitting up. I finally started stitching in late March 2011, that's already more than 4 years ago! 

If I was to pick my first Haed again, it would be her again ;-) I feel a bit guilty because I have been working on her for so long, but I only did 18 pages so far:

There were times when I nearly lost my mojo, mostly because the sky seemed to go on forever. I really hope that my mojo to work on her will last a bit longer so I get a few more stitches in. 

I'm working her on 25ct ivory Lugana (my all time favorite fabric), 1 over 1 full crosses. The design is 450 stitches wide and 568 stitches high. In large format this means 64 pages. I did 18 pages so far, so 80429 of 255600 stitches are done. So there is still a bot of work to do ;-) 

I am taking a small break from her to finish the first page on Danielle (I need a bit of confetti) and will return to Kriemhild to stitch a bit more. There are one and a half page of sky to stitch until more of her hair will come into view =)


  1. Hi !
    My name is Komari and from Japan.i'm HAED stitcher.
    Your stitchwork is beautiful!

  2. Kreimhild is beautiful! I think 18 pages is great progress and from the stitch count it seems you are almost a third done. So lovely that you would still choose her again...

  3. Stunning progress, well done on another page finish.

  4. This is a beautiful project indeed. I think 80k stitches is more than I have done in my life haha. Congrats on another page finish~ :D

  5. Congrats on a page finish, it looks beautiful!

  6. How I admire your patience! She is beautiful and your progress is wonderful - in another 20 years you'll have your finish...:)


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