Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - May

Same procedure as every month - I am late for the GG SAL! This month I had a nice mix of work, building stuff in the garden and forgetting to take a picture. But here I am! It's Sunday evening and I am tired and looking forward to getting a few stitches in, so I will do my best to keep this short. 
The SAL is hosed by Jo and you can find the link-up with evrryones progress here.

I only worked on two projects this month, but one of them was a new start and a finish as well! I stitched up that cute littel great tit by Eva Rosenstand for my bfs mum to go along with her robin. I did not get round to framing it, but hope to do so soon.
Anyway, here ist the cute little bird:
I think he is super cute! Maybe not as cute as the robin, but cute enough =)

The next project I worked on is - as every month - Candy Cane Santa. It's getting some love every month and I hope that this will add up. I did some work on the windows.
I went from here:

To here:
For next month I want to work a bit more on the windows and start to fill in the windof next to Sanata =) 

I will try and catch up with your blogs over the next week, but now I am off to get a few stitches in ;-)
Happy stitching =)

Mittwoch, 3. Mai 2017

WIPocalypse April

And April is already gone - how did that happen? There must be something wrong, I feel like I hardly got any stitching done as well! But then I also had some trouble with my right hand and could not stitch for a few days at all and had to stitch with my left hand only - so my rotation got messed up because I didn't feel like switching projects after putting only a couple of hundrer stitches in. But my hand is better now and I hope to improve this month.

So here is my WIPocalypse update for April. The wonderful SAL is hosted by Measi and you can find the link-up post here.
As for this months question: What projects are in your UFO pile? Ah, that's complicated. I don't have any UFOs in the sense of "I don't want to stitch that any more". I have  few projects that get less love and I sort of have t push myself a bit to work on them. Actually, I worked on three such projects this month.
The first one is my oldet WIP - a kit by Dimensions Gold called "Paris Market" - I started this in Summer 2010, I fear :D I usually fortget about this project, I don't know why... The green in the tree seems to take forever, so I always try to put in a few tree stitches and I think that works. But the flowers are really nice to stitch. Anyway, last time you saw this - at the beginning of June 2016!

And now:
I think I did quite well for only three days on this ;-)

The same "problem" occurs with my Aurora Cabin by Dimensions Gold, the last time you saw this was in May 2016! Back then, it looked like this:
And now, I finished the full stitches on the big tree and got started on the background. So pretty, why don't I work on this more often? After all, the background is only half stitches and stitches up nice and quick... By the way, this is my second oldest WIP, started at then end of 2010 I think.
The third one is one of my older Haeds, I don't know what it is, but I never seem to find my mojo to work on this... I love the design and I think the way it comes out is nice, but I just forget about this. Anywy, I went from here:
To here, I added 2 columns, 1600 stitches:
We are getting somewhere, big plan is to finish page 6 this year (and halfway through).
Well, so much for the pile of shame...

Apart from that, I worked on Starlight by David Hoffrichter. At that time my hand hurt, so it took me more than a week to stitch 2 columns (1600 stitches as well). This put me past the halfwaypoint on the first row!
I went from here:
To here:
I really love the way the colors here stitch up, so nice and calming =)

I also stiitched a few days on Kreimhilds Revenge, I added 2 1/2 columns (1925 stitches) to it. But it's only sky...
The last thing I worked on was the Cloudsfactory SAL - I am still terribly behind... And we had drama... I was stitching my way through Joan of Arc from the March block on Monday and then I noticed that half the horse was wrong... I somewhere missed my count... So I frogged this on Tuesdays and didn't feel like restitching it since then...maybe at the weekend. This is my current progress:
So I added Marie Curie and Cleopatra and we have a start on Joan of Arc (which seems to be a smaller design).

Anyway, that's my progress for April. I sort of got enabled by all the lovely new starts for Maynia and since I have a bunch of smaller designs here, I am givin in to some smaller new starts this month. I already started another birdie of my BFs mother, which is nearly done!
Apart from that, I put Danielle on the frame. I don't think I'll stick with the change once a week thing, I just change when I feel like it.

Happy stitching =)