Sonntag, 24. April 2016

WIPocalypse - April edition

Time is just flying by and it's time for another WIPocalypse again. So here is what I accomplished this month:

First up is Supersized Ride of the Yokai, I finished my second (partial= page on it.
And after:
I also did some more work on the Haed challenge. 
QS Trapped has 30 colors in now, the lady does have a mouth and an nose now, the next thing I'm working on are her eyes (so she looks less creepy).
Here she is now:
And then I also have some progress to show on Kreimhilds Revenge, she is currently on my frame and didn't get a lot of stitches since you last saw her (just a partial column and one full column):
And now:
She is so much fun to stitch =) I'm not sure if I'll be able to put her down once page 22 is done, maybe I will just continue and finish the third row =)

This months question is "What do you listen to while you stitch?"

Well, actually, a lot! I also have something to listen to. 
Most of the time it's an audiobook. I have an audible account and get one audiobook each month. I already own about 60 audiobooks and sometimes I listen to them more than once. 
I also like to listen to music or floss tube (I usually end up not really watching but listening to other people talk...). Other times the Tv is on (bf love watching tv) or I am watching /listening to movies with Bf. There is no silence here when I am stitching ;-)

If you want to have a look at everyones progress, take a look over here.

I guess I will do a post with my progress on my non-Haeds in a few days, I am somehow always putting that off :D 

Happy stitching! =)

Samstag, 16. April 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - April update =)

It looks like April is already halfway over again. I'm healthy again now and I am getting back to usual stitching schedule again (Kreimhild is on the frame again).
Nevertheless I have some updates for the GG SAL to share.

The first I want to share is a small finish. I stitched the small robin kit by Eva Rosenstand and I plan to get a frame for it and give it to my BFs mother, since she loves birds and I think it will make her happy.
It's not ironed (and you can still see the traces from the marker) yet, it's currently being washed =)
So here is my robin:
It was a lot of fun to stitch, just 4 or 5 days of stitching and I think it's very cute. I'm super happy that I have two more kits from Eva Rosenstand in my stash and I'm looking forward to stitching them =)

The next one I worked on is Wolf Kiss by Dimensions. This will one day be a gift for my BF.
Here is what it looks like now:
I did a good bit on the second wolf, you can't see much of him yet but this will change in the next months.

The last one I worked on (during the last few days) is the Map of Middle Earth. This was RAKed to me a few years ago. I added 2000 stitches, which brings us to 20 000 in total:
I am half way through page 3 and at the end of the page there will finally be some writing, yay!

If you want to see more posts from this month, take a look over here =)
I hope to be able to share more progress on my Santa Stocking next month. After all, I want it done by Christmas ;-)

Happy stitching =)

Sonntag, 10. April 2016

Page finish on Ride of the Yokai and a new start for the Haed Challenge

It has been ages since I posted here, way longer than I planned to, but the flu came to visit. For half a week I was so ill that I didn't stitch at all (that's really rare for me...). I still have to take antibiotics for a few more days, but I am slowly getting better and I even picked up some stitching.
I am terribly behind with my stitching plans, since finishing a page on Ride of the Yokai I only worked on some of my non Haeds (it was easier to concentrate on), but I think I will try and put one of my Haeds on the frame.

But I can still show some progress!
First is Ride of the Yokai, I managed to get the page finished before the flu caught me :D
The pages are small (only around 2100 stitches), but it still takes me a week to finish them. I love all the colors on this one and the coverage on 32ct is so nice. I think the 32ct and I are becoming friends now ;-)

Michele decided to start the second Haed Challenge on Facebook on 1st of April and the goal is to do one page (or 1 1/2 if you are in large format) cross country by doing one color at a time.
Since I usually do parking and I mostly work in columns, I decided to do a new start for it.

I picked QS Trapped by Melanie Delon, here is what I will look like:
The designs is 225x190 stitches and that makes 12 pages in large format
I want to stitch page 2 and half of page 3 and I started with her face. I did some 10 colors so far and she looks really weird with no eyes :D
My plan so far is to finish the whole project in cross country. So far I like that the face is the first thing to appear and stitching seems to go rather fast. But I sometime get bored by working just one color at a time. I think this technique is easier when you have a tablet, so you can use an app to highlight the symbols. I am currently tracking down all the symbols with a marker and then stitch them and highlight them with another marker. I keep missing symbols from time to time, which is quite annoying. I have the pdf open on my laptop, but highlighting with preview doesn't work that well and my lap top is after all quite heavy.
I will definitely finish the challenge and maybe this will be easier once I get used to it :D

I will be back in a few days with an update for the GG SAL.
Happy stitching =)