Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

Kreimhilds Revenge - Row finish!

So, here I am again with a row finish on Kreimhilds Revenge by Howard David Johnson =)
I really wanted to finish the third row this month, so I pushed really hard to stitch page 23 and 24. Yesterday I ended up doing about 830 stitches, by the end of the day I was so sick of this project! But I really wanted to get this done and here we are:
The bushed on the right side were actually quite confetti heavy, so those 830 stitches didn't stitch up fast at all. But I did it! 24 pages done, 40 to go... And as far as I can see it, there is only one full sky page left to stitch (in the next row). Maybe she will be finished this century....

As for her stats (I'm not really sure if I will continue with this thing, I always forget about it... but then I do it and I feel like I am accomplishing something after all)

Total stitches: 255 600
Total stitches done: 105 300
Stitches in 2016: 15 323
Stitching days in 2016: 41
Average stitches per day: 374
Stitches left: 150 300
Days left to stitch: 401
I just noticed that a) I crossed the 100 000 stitches mark (how magical!!) and b) I "only" have about 150 000 stitches left :D 

Ok, I'm putting something else on the frame now, maybe Wolf Kiss for a day or two or maybe Gwen will make another appearance (would be fitting - after all it's Halloween... Yes, I think I will take her out).

I'm not sure about my next Haed, maybe I will take out Starlight (didn't get any love for over a year...) or Iris for a few columns... And then there is Eternal Promise as well... Oh my, I need more hands to stitch with!

Last but not least, I want to show my new needle minders. I ordered from NoName Needleminders (some of you my know the Queen of Starts from Floss tube - she just got this business up):
She added the little heart to the order - that was so sweet of her =) I think I will stick or two to my next project now =)

I think I will share an update on Gwen in a few days  - apart from that I am stitching on my dog bookshelf piece, it's so confetti heavy right now - I'm really behind my schedule, but I am still determined to finish this by the 15th.

Happy Stitching =)


  1. Congrats on the row finish, that is amazing. Well done! Lovely needle minders and so sweet of her to add another in.

  2. Woohoo! congratulations on finishing another row!

  3. Your stitching is beautiful! Congrats on the row finish:)


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