Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2016

WIPocalypse - October

Oh my, whenever WIPocalypse is close to the GGSAL, I tend to be late for it :D But here we go!

I have a few updates to show.

First up is my Rheingold by Kinuko Craft, I managed to finish page 5 and made a start on page 6 (yay me, the love for it is not gone!!). So I went from here:
To here:
Then I had a new start (again!), but I am determint to finish it this year ;-) It's "Gwen" from Nora Corbetts Bewitching Pixies. I am doing this 2 over 2 on 28ct Jobelan in Toffee Popsicle (which I always want to call Topsicle... what a silly world...) and the skin is 1 over 1. Unfortunately, it's hard to catch the color correctly, it's way more orange in real life:
As I said, I think this has a good chance of being a finish this year. I have two colors left in the dress, the beading (to which I am looking forward) and the background to stitch.

The last one I worked on is Kriemhild, she is back on the frame since last week. I am going for a row finish. I went from here:
To here:
I have 4000 stitches left on row 3 and I am doing my best to get them done this month (got to move on with my goals). Since a lot of it is sky, so that stitches up quickly.

Ok, then for this months question: What online stitching communities do you enjoy?
Well, obviously I am in blogland, both as a blogger and a blogreader, then I am active on Facebook (mostly the new official haed group and Stitch mania) and I watch flosstube (but not doing it myself).

I think all of those have advantages. With Facebook it's so easy to stay up to date, you go on there, take a quick look or post a quick update, but I am not investing as much time on it. I am not writing long texts or long comments or talk about my life that much (it's so tempting to hit the like button and scroll on...), I don't blog so often, but when I do, I sit down and think about what to write and I take my time to make a post and it's the same time with reading blogs. I am sometimes quite behind on reading all the posts, but I usually take my time to read what people say.
I started watching flosstube a year or so ago, it's nice to be able to put a face to the name and listen to peoples voice. And I can stitch while watching it! :D I sometimes thought about trying my own flosstube, but I can't really imagine filming myself and anotehr weird thing I think about is that I am not a native speaker. I read a lot in english, I watch movies in english and writing in english is fine, but speaking is another thing. I mean, I am sure that I am mispronouncing quite a few things, I have a nice German accent and sometimes I just don't know the word I am looking for :D So I am staying in blogland :D

Ok, that's it for this months update. If you want, you can pay a visit to Measi and see who else did an update =)

Happy stitching =)


  1. Gwen is looking really good as are you other projects!!!!!

  2. Exciting to get another letter and a half finished on Rheingold. Your projects are very beautiful

  3. Wonderful progress on your beautiful projects. I think I like reading blogs most. I feel I get more of an understanding of the person over FB posts.

  4. Wow look at you go! You managed to get a lot done on Rheingold. I'm so happy that you found your love for it again. It's a magnificent piece. I actually like the word "Topsicle" but then I am silly LOL! Gwen looks great on that fabric too. Good luck getting her finished for this year. I think you are on top of it and it won't be any trouble. And my fav girl - great to see her getting some love. Good luck on the row finish too. She's amazing!
    xo Alicia

  5. Your pieces are so pretty. You must stitch very quickly. I rarely make such extensive progress in one month.


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