Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

My first Nora Corbett - Gwen

Ok, I finally got around sharing an update on my first Nora Corbett design called "Gwen" from her Bewitching Pixies series. I ordered a kit from Polstitches Designs a while ago (along with a kit for Joan Elliotts Enchanted Aurora) and decided to do some Halloween stitching.
I wanted to try something different from my usual Haeds, something smaller :D
So here is where I got:
And this is the full design:
The fabric I use is 28ct Jobelan in Toffee Popsicle (hard to take a picture - it's darker and more orange) and it came with the kit. I am stitching 2 over 2, except for the skin, I am stitching that 1 over 1. I am not sure if it was a good idea to get the kit, I already have tons of floss leftover (like the colors from her skin). I somehow thought this would use way more floss and therefore decided not to use my master set :D Well, I am sure I will find a use for all the floss (just have to be careful, the floss from the kit is european DMC, sometimes the colors are different from the non-eu colors).

This seems to be a nice and quick stitch so far, but after working on this for one week I noticed that I truly miss my Haeds :D Not enough confetti in this one :D

Right now Kriemhild is on my frame and ready for a row finish (go, me, go!).
I can't believe it's already the middle of October, I feel like I still have tons of things I want to accomplish in 2016. One think surely is to finish the row on Kriemhild, then I want to finish Gwen (which should be possible) and my Sheep in the Meadow (which should also be possible). I am sticking to my plan with the dog bookshelf piece, I'm doing 520 stitches per week. Then I still have like 3 projects I haven't touched in 2016 (Yule Angel, Starlight, Eternal Promise) and a few where I planned on further stitching (like Wolf Variant or Ride of the Yokai or Iris). But then there are still two and a half months left this year, so I will see what I can do.
Apart from that I am thinking about 2017. Goals don't really work for me, rotations don't really work for me, stitching without a plan ends up with me not touching a project for a whole year.
So I am think about doing a rotation at the beginning of the year. I could pick a focus piece (like Kriemhild) to work on every month for a few days and then I rotate through all my projects once. So every projects get some love during the year and once I am done with all of them (including a few new starts...) I will decide how to go on. Maybe I will stitch what I feel like for a few weeks, maybe I will start another rotation cycle some time later in the year (the first one is to take about 5 months if I want to work for a good week on everything).... I will keep you up to date =)

Happy stitching =)


  1. Your first Nora Corbett is looking stunning. I can't wait for your next update. Your stitching is always beautiful.

  2. You have made absolutely amazing progress on Gwen, she looks completely awesome!!

  3. Your Nora Cobett piece is lovely! This year has flown. I was thinking about goals for next year too...It's hard when there are so many beautiful projects screaming for attention lol! Don't know if I'll make my goals for this year, as I got sidetracked doing extra pages for the challenges. This year I mainly worked with 3 projects on the go at any one time and would work on whichever I felt like on the day. So I had 3 on qsnaps and would swap one out for a new wip once I'd done a certain amount/got tired of it. The swapping kept things interesting, and the 3 wip only policy kept things focused...Rather than facing all my 9 HAEDs at once... Which would become slightly overwhelming lol! 😉😁😳 It was a really enjoyable way to work.. Maybe something similar could work for you?

  4. This must be a nice break from your HAEDS! Gorgeous stitching.

  5. I will be interested in hearing how your year of stitching works out. I feel like I have been trying a different plan every week this year, but I don't seem to be able to stick to plan. Right now my plan is to stitch on one project until I am tired of it and need a change. I'm the happiest I've been all year.

  6. Gwen is beautiful. I love the witchy pixies but have resisted buying any so far.
    I've been doing a weekly rotation with my smells and focusing on one large project per month which seems to work for me.


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