Dienstag, 20. September 2016

WIPocalypse September

I'm a bit late for my WIPocalypse post, but better late than never, right? You can see the other entries here.

So here is what I did this month!

I did some more work on my Sheep in the Meadow (until I ran out of the green Weeks Dyeworks - I don't know how that happened, maybe it was not meant for stitching with two threads), so we went from here:
To here:
I think it's really cute and pretty and I love working with the Weeks, the violet is so beautiful. I can't wait to stitch the house, which is mainly in violet =) I guess this one will be finished in 2016 =)

Next up is Rheingold by Kinuko Craft Arts (Haed), which I picked up again a few days ago. I haven't worked on this for nearly one year and have done some 500 stitches so far
Last time:
And now:
I am sort of forcing myself to work on this, I somehow really don't enjoy it. But I will finish page 5, about 2000 stitches to go.

The last one I worked on is another new start. I took one of my Dimensions Gold Petits on holiday with me and this is how far I got:
and here is the full design:
I already "found" the first two corners of the designs, stitching one of the corners on such a design (where you start in the middle) feels like reaching a mini goal :D  I am stitching this in hand and it is a nice change from my frame and so much fun to stitch. It will surely be a nice reminder of my holiday.
 I spent a lovely week by the north sea. One day we went to the island Juist, which was truly beautiful. Here is a picture I took by the beach there:
I guess my next holiday by the sea will be on Juist, it's so beautiful there, the beach is lovely, the nature is amazing and it's so quiet there (no cars!). I can imagine spending one or two weeks there =)

Here is another picture (from the mainland) I took on holiday and want to share. We went to the lighthouse in Campen, it is the highest lighthouse on the mainland in Germany. So we climbed 320 steps to the top and enjoyed a beautiful view:
As you can see, the weather was amazing :D

But now back to WIPocalypse. Measi wants to know about a story about a finished project.

I decided to pick one of my first finishes:
I got my first Haed in 2011 (Kreimhilds Revenge), I think I started in March, and signed up for the 2012 Haed Freebee SAL after watching people work on the 2011 SAL ( didn't dare joining then). I picked QS Bookend Kitties by Kayomi Harai:

The design is 143x143, so it was a good size to finish in one year (you know, back in the days you could choose one of 6 charts and depending on how much you finished of the chart by the end of the year, you got some of the other charts as a reward. I think you had to finish the chart to get all 6, so I finished this on the 30th October 2012:
It is always nice to finish a Haed and I was really proud of myself. I also joined the 2013 SAL and I also finished the chart, but it took me way longer (until the end of 2015...) to finish it, so looking back, this was a fast finish for me :D The sad thing is that I do actually have a frame for this one but I somehow didn't get around to frame this (along with my Theatre of the Absurd QS). One of my goals for this year is to actually frame them both :D We will see if this actually happens :D

Ok, I think that's everything I have for today. I hope to share another update on Rheingold soon and since another skein of Weeks Dyeworks arrived, I hope to pick up Sheep in the Meadow again soon.

Happy stitching =)


  1. Great progress on your stitching. Sheep in the Meadow is super cute. Sorry to hear you aren't enjoying Rheingold, it's a shame because upi have done sow ell on it so far. Adore your new start, I really love that Dimensions chart so I will enjoy watching your progress on it very much.

  2. I love your new project, the lighthouse and sky are so pretty! Bookend kitty is very cute, please do frame it when you can. It's so nice to see your work on the wall.

  3. Great progress on stitching!! I love all your projects!!!!

  4. Your projects are lovely and you make such wonderful progress. I especially love Sheep in the Meadow. Looking forward to seeing that completed.


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