Freitag, 19. April 2019

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - April

Just a quick update for the GG SAL (which was due 4 days ago).
Thank you for the well wishes regarding my MiL - she is doing sort of better, which means that she thinks that she is completely fine and can do anything and most of the time we are worried that she might get herself hurt by doing something she is not supposed to do, we had another long and exhausting discussion about driving a car when you take strong medication (and the leaflet says that you really shouldn't drive a car), but she won't listen to anybody (not the doctors, not her family and certainly not "her children"). Well, we are visiting her on Easter Sunday, I hope there won't be to much drama. While I am visiting my parents on Easter Monday, I am spending today and tomorrow with some friend and woooosh, weekend is over. On Tuesday I need to go to hospital for a few days due to my (by now chronic) pain.
I met the doctor on Monday and she was really nice, Due to the Easter holidays a lot of doctors were having some time off, but never the less she took a lot of time to listen to my problems, all the examinations, all the doctors I went to, how I am coping with the fact that I have pain all the time and so on. She said it would be the easiest thing was if I could come to hospital for a few days, they have one or two more examinations (for one of them you usually wait like 2 months - I am doing that on Tuesday... benefits of going to hospital) and start some treatments, also they want to take a look at my medication, I am feeling very tired and dizzy and sometimes have trouble to concentrate and she thinks with a few adjustments they can reduce these unwanted things. Another goal is to finally find out what is wrong. She says it sounds like crps to her, but the problem is that it is a diagnosis by exclusion. But then so many things have already been excluded and the whole process of me running to yet another doctor to check something just needs to end. Therefore I am sort of happy that I am going to that hospital, the doctor was positive that she can help me and so am I.

Well, this was a pretty long text on my unwell-being, so let's move the nicer things in live - stitching!
I only worked on one project for this month and that is my Map of Middle Earth. I originally wanted to do 2 000 stitches in celebration of the GG SALs birthday, but I only managed 1 000, which is still better then nothing and moves us to the 60k mark. I went from here:
To here:
It's getting really complicated to take a decent picture of this - after all it's 60cm (about 24 inches) wide by now!
Well, that is all I have for this month, last but not least you can find this months link-up here.

To those of you who celebrate Easter, I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and a few nice days off =) And I hope that everybody gets a few stitches in, I am planting myself outside in the garden now, the sun is finally back!
Happy stitching =)


  1. Hey Jo, happy Easter stunner. I hope you have a nice time tomorrow and Monday with your family. I think the hospital stay sounds like good news too. At least you will get to the bottom of what ails you and fingers crossed for finding a way to end the pain. I recently had a work place injury and living with pain is horrendous so I totally empathise with you for having to endure this for so long. Good luck sweetheart.

    Stitching note, great progress on Middle Earth. It's looking incredible. Well done.
    xo Alicia

  2. I hope you had a great Easter weekend and that you'll finally get a (hopefully treatable) diagnosis on your arm!

  3. Thanks for taking part in GG this month, despite all the hospital visits and family time!
    I do hope the hospital can help you out.
    The map is looking wonderful, it's a big piece!


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