Freitag, 17. März 2017

Tons of STASH

Oh my, it has been ages since I shared my latest stashquisitions with you, so this is a lot! But since the beginning of this year, a lot of things turned up here and I went to a craft fair yesterday (which was exhausting and expensive and a lot of fun!), so I thought I might as well share all the stuff that turned up here and maybe this will remind me of not spending so much money anymore :D

First up are some digital patterns.
I bought another Haed - my first max color design! It's called Birds and Blooms Garden by Aimee Stewart and contains 240 colors, oh my! I love the desing and I saw someone work on it (both the max color and the normal version) and decided that this was a good MC start since the design is not to big (only 725x262 stitches).

Then I went to visit the Golden Kite website and you know - if you buy 3 patterns or more, they give you an additional 30% discount. So I bought 3 patterns on sale!

The first one is called "A morning bouquet"by Alfred Guillou - I seem to have a hang for flowers these days ;-) I love the colors and her face =)

The second one I bought is called "Still life with fruit and champagne" by Helen Searle. I always wanted to do a still life, they are so camling to look at and this one caught my eye. The fruits look so ralistic and I love the shadowing in the twig. The reflection in the champagne glass is amazing and I just love the whole design. This one might actually be on my next GK start list (it will take ages to kit up... and a lot of skeins... it's over 350 000 stitches)
The third one I bought is called "Madeline after prayer" by Daniel Maclise and I just love the detail in this piece!
The next order that turned up here was from Sewandso and it's a bunch of Mill Hill kits. I felt like stitching something spring themed, so I ordered a couple of the Mill Hill eggs that are all beaded (they are so pretty and look like so much fun!)
I could not resist looking at the new collection and there was a Hydrangea kit there and I love Hydrangeas! I think I'll start this one once I am done with the Haed challenge (1000 stitches to go!).It even features a little bee button!
Also from the new collection is this cute little seagull, I had no choice there, it's so adorable =)
This brings us to the last bunch of pictures - my goodies from the craft fair here!
I bought some stitchy stuff there as well.
I got hold of two new Dimensions Gold Petites kits, They are so pretty (they had a couple on display!) and they are smaller so I might be able to finish them :D
This is Beacon at Rocky Point - another lighthouse one. I don't know what it is with me and lighthouses these days... and it has a cute little seagull!
This is Bayside Cottage - I love all those flowers and again, there are seagulls :D
Next up is a Kit from a company called Merejka and the design is called Sunflowers, I never tryed this company, but the finished designs looked great and it was quite cheap and I like the design. It is worked on Aida, but maybe I will exchange this for a linen or an evenweave. But the colors look great =)
The second "new" companyfor me is called Alisa and I bought a small Kit called "Robin" and I think it's adorable =):
I also bought a pattern by a local designer called "Wellenhaar". I think it's very pretty and would look great on handdyed fabric (maybe something that looks like sky).
The last stitchy thing I bought is a Halloween themed Needleminder:
As for the non-stitchy things, I bought two set of jewelry:
I'm sorry, but this is complicated to catch on a picture, these are made of silver and feature garnets:
The second set I bought was just to amazing! They had a lot of jewelry that looks like chocolate and they looked like real chocolate! But I went for the coffee and cake set =)
I also could not resist buying some yarn, but just one! I don't knit so much anymore and have tons of yarn hidden here (not much progress on my socks... gotta get those done! If only I would not love stitching that much...). In real life, it's a nice and dark pink with a fresh green, but it's impossible for me to catch a good picture:
A friend of mine it going to marry this summer and so I picked up this lovely pop up card:
Apart fro that I picked up some smaller things like handymade soap and honey and a little butterfly to decorate my garden, but I did not take pictures of those.

This post was exhausting for me to write and I am sure the load of pictures here is surely exhausting for you to look at :D That's why I rarely do stash posts :D

Anyway, I am back to stitching now!
Happy stitching =)


  1. You weren't joking, that really is a ton of stash! Birds and Blooms is gorgeous and those little Mill Hill kits look like fun.

  2. Birds and blooms is incredible and the mill hill kits look a lot of fun.

  3. Lovely stash. HAED is running a sale right now so I'm resisting the urge to expand my own stash.

    1. Thanks to spending tons at the fair, I was able to let the sale pass (my bank account was still crying) :D

  4. Holy stash Batman! What an awesome haul. I love your new MC chart. I believe Aimee's art benefits so much from the MC treatment. She is so good with her colours. Good luck with it. And as for getting 3 GK charts on a sale, you would be crazy to just buy the one. Great choices on all of them. I especially love the girl with the flowers, she has such a serene face. It's a great eclectic stash enhancement.
    xo Alicia

    1. The moment I saw the girl with the flowers, I was so caught by her face, I just had to buy her :) If only I had more time to stitch them all!

  5. Lol, I went to a fair at the weekend and thought I had been a bit mad with my spending and new stash acquisitions..... but no! I am relieved to see you were worth than me :D Great purchases, love them all! Now have fun with your stitching.

    1. The friend who went to the fair with me said the exact same thing :D I am always happy to be the friend who spents even more money and makes you feel better :D

  6. Great new stash! I love the little Mill Hill kits...makes me want to order some more as well! Would you mind telling me what Craft Fair you went to? We have a few smaller ones here sometimes, but I've never seen stitchy stuff there...

    1. I went to the Creativa in Dortmund. It's hosted once a year, fortunately, the stitchy corner is growing every year =) YOu can even get hand dyed fabric there (from Susanne Farbenfroh) =)

  7. Oh my goodness! That is a lot of stash! All very beautiful!


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