Mittwoch, 15. März 2017

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - March

And it's time for the GG SAL again, hosted by our one and only Jo ;-) Take a chance to visit her place and check out what everybody did for this month =)

I am actually on time this month. It's 10:45 pm here on the 15th, haha!
I will make this a short report because I am going to visit a crafts fair tomorrow and need to go to bed soon.

The first Projekt I want to show is my Map of Middle Earth. I added two more columns, so the count went up to 34 000 stitches.
 So I went from here:
To here:
I absoluetely love this one! I want to add at least eight more columns this year, this would put me to 10% complete, lol! =D

The second project I worked on was my Candy Cane Santa, not much, but every stitch counts, right? =)
Last month:
And now:
If I continue to work on this in my current speed, Santa might be done in 2020 :D

My plan was to show some work on my lastest new start called "In the Moonlight", BF totally loves it and it's a "smaller project with only 112 500 stitches (don't laugh, compared to my other projects :D). I wanted to start on Monday, but I had so much work to do, I didn't get to starting it until today and there is not much to see. But I can share a preview and you will see some work on him soon =)
As you can see, I will have some background to start with, but it stitches up nice and quick =)

Happy stitching =)


  1. I really like your Middle Earth map!!! So different & will look so cool when done :) Have fun with your little crosses.

  2. Great progress! The wolf design is beautiful

  3. Great progress on both of them. I hope you enjoyed the craft fair.

  4. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The link up post is now up.
    I love Middle Earth and it's great to see you making progress on this one. Especially as my friend Ewa doesn't blog much anymore so I miss her updates on it.

  5. Lovely progress. Middle Earth is coming along nicely, and I just adore the Candy Cane Santa.

  6. Great update. I love the Middle Earth map too, it must be fun to see all the writing appear.

  7. Wow how awesome are you getting a post for GG SAL on the 15th. I still haven't taken pics to even write the post. Good on you stunner!
    I love Middle Earth and I'm kicking myself for not getting it when it was available. So I am absolutely cheering you on for this one! I laughed when you said Santa wouldn't be done till 2020 and then freaked out when I realised that is only 3 years away. Looking forward to seeing your first pic on Moonlight. Such a beautiful wolf. Happy stitching. xo Alicia

  8. Wow! These are all so beautiful! Oh, I love MiddleEarth and In the Moonlight.

  9. Great progress on the Map of Middle Earth, and what an awesome new start! I hope you'll have lots of time to put in a few stitches soon.


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