Montag, 30. Januar 2017

WIPocalypse - January

And here we go with the next WIPocalypse, hosted by Measi and here is the link to the linkup page. Thanks to my rotation, I have quite a bit to show and I think January worked out really well!

But first I want to answer this months question: What SALs are you participating in this year?
The answer to this is quite short - I am doing the Fabulous Women in History SAL by Cloudsfactory.
The idea of this is really nice, I just hope that there will be a few scientists there, too (like Marie Curie or Mageret Hamilton, I would also love to see Emmy Noether as well, but I don't think she'll turn up).
So far we got Eleanore Roosevelt (in my eyes a very extraordinary women) and Coco Chanel (I'm not really into fashoin and could have done without her, but she's there and it's ok).
Unfortunately I got quite irritated by the little black arrows on the pattern and thought they would indicate the middle of the designs, but they were only for the middle of the block. Anyway, I had to change the position of Coco and Eleanore and I think this should work out now:

I am sorry, but the fabric color is really hard to catch, especially with artificial light in here.

As for monthly SALs, I am joining the gifted gorgeousness SAL hosted by Jo, where I show my work on pieces that were gifted to me or are meant as a gift for someone.  For further information on the SAL or in case you want to join the ride, you can sign up here.

Next step, WIPs!
First up is my new start Whispers by Melanie Delon, I did 4000 stitches (new start enthusiasm I guess):
Doesn't this flower look pretty! I was so close to screwing over my rotation (after week one...) to continue with this, but I forced myself to go on!

Then I spent 5 days working on Kreimhilds Revenge, I did I think like 1300 or 1400, I just hope that these stitches will add up over the months. I am aiming for 2 columns per month (1 560 stitches) and hope to catch up soon. I went from here:
To here:
There actually was quite a lot of confetti there, even if it doesn't look like it. but I think it looks very pretty and I am looking forward to picking her up again in February.

I picked up my Supersized Iris Keeper by Josephine Wall, not a lot of progress, but 1600 stitches is still more than no stitches. I went from here:
To here:

I am at 17 600 stitches in total now, I will do my best to finish the first row (that would be 24 000 in total)!

The nest Haed I worked on is my The Potting Shed by Aimee Stewart. A stunning design, but I am not sure if I ever stitched so much confetti in my life! I love the outcome and I really spent a lot of time on this one, but it just takes a while to stitch up. I went from here:
To here:
When I bought this, I was quite tempted to go for the Max color version, but considering the amount of confetti, I am pretty happy I went for the normal version. There were so many color changes in that small bit of sky there! But this doesn't bury my plans of doing a max color one day (I saw someone work on Aimees Birds and Blossoms in MC and that looked stunning and then that is also one of her "smaller" designs). I managed to add 1400 stitches in the week I worked on this.

Last but not least I have been working on the Haed Challenge, I am doing about 100 stitches a day (at least that's the plan) and since I started a bit late on it, I am at 2000 stitchs now. The section I picked is 7 800 in total, so I have a way to go, but this will also mean that QS Trapped will gain a bunch of stitches. I went from here:
To here:
That funny thing next to her head had some confetti, but I think the outcome looks quite nice. I hope to finish page 1 by the end of february (3200 stitches to go) and then do the half page underneath in march (2600 stitches).

Ok, that's it for this month,
Happy stitching!


  1. Wow!! I am in awe of your progress on all of these full coverage designs, and the SAL too. I feel like I'm so sluggish on HAEDs. :)

  2. Nice to see all the progress on the different pieces. A column can add a lot to the design!

  3. I just love all your projects. Looks like your rotation is working pretty well! Good luck with your Cloudsfactory SAL! I'm still thinking about joining that one... :)

  4. Oh wow! Your HAEDs are awesome... fantastic progress. I didn't sign up for the Cloudsfactory SAL... while I love the idea this is one that I wanted to see what it was before I jumped in! Your first two ladies are looking good :o)

  5. Wow you must have been a stitching wizard the last month!! You made so much progress on everything. They all look amazing, well done!

  6. Wow, you sure had a lot of progress! It's awesome to see how many HAEDs yoz have going at once, and how so many of them got some love. I did the math (because computer scientists can do that as well, haha) and that's more than 10.000 stitches up there!

    I love the Fabulous Women SAL and I think I will need to get that at some point. I'm hoping for lots of scientists as well - I'm almost sure about Marie Curie, and while I'm not sure Emmy Noether will make the cut, I sure hope Ada Lovelace will!

  7. Wow that is a lot of stitches done this month. All of your projects look great!

  8. Great progress on all your pieces, especially your HAED challenge piece! They are all looking lovely :)

  9. Wow! So much progress on so many pieces. Great job. Everything is so beautiful.

  10. The progress you make on your HAEDs amazes me. Full coverage takes a lot of patience. Gorgeous stitching.


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