Freitag, 13. Januar 2017

New start and rotation plans

Well, I finally have time to write another post here. 2017 didn't go so well, my boyfriends mother is in hospital with a broken leg and there are a lot of things to organize. So I am sharing various things in this post.

First up is my new start "Whispers" by Melanie Delon charted by Heaven and Earth Designs.
Here is what the finished designs is going to look like:
I absolutely love the lace and the colors and also the flowers, such a stunning design! It's 525 stitches wide and 770 stitches high, I am working this on 28ct light grey (gotta try some new colors from time to time, right?) lugana and so far I did 4000 stitches, it's some background and the beginning of that first little flower in her head piece:
I absolutely love it, it's so much fun to stitch and the flower looks amazing! That's my usual problem with a rotation, I work on something and then I don't want to stop!

But I was a good girl and put this away and took out my Kreimhilds revenge, 22 500 stitches are to be done in 2017! I made a start on the 4th row of pages, due to all the trouble around here I only did 1330 stitches, I wanted to do at least 2 columns, but I will just catch up next time:
That page does indeed have some confetti, but the sky is ging to appear soon enough, so I won't complain. But I think the second page of that row is actually the last full page of sky there is! Yay!

I just put my supersized Iris Keeper on my frame as the next piece in mal rotation and will share an update on it in a few days.
In the meantime I made a small start on the haed challenge, the big plan is to stitch about 100 stitches on my QS Trapped each day (decided to do so on monday - I am at 400, 7200 to go...) and I will see how things go. In the beginning I wanted to use Kreimhild, but parked threads are not allowed this time. I am not entirely sure, if I don't find enough time for the challenge, I will leave that one out.

The bigger plan for this year is to try a rotation. First I want to work on Kriemhild each month to make some progress, so from the 8th to 12th of each month, she will be on my frame.
From the 1st to 7th, 14th to 20th and 21st to 27th I am going to work on one of my bigger projects and from the 28th to the end of the month I am working on a smaller one and then the month is done. I usually manage to stick to a rotation for like one month and I will ses how far I get this time.

Anyway, I am off to stitch all the stress away now,
happy stitching!


  1. Wow Whispers is a lovely design and is stitching together really nicely. Good luck in your rotation

  2. Sorry to hear about your MIL. Stitching is great for taking away the stress though.
    Your rotation sounds good, hope it works for you this year.

  3. Whispers is gorgeous! Can't wait to see your progress on her. You have a good start on Kreimhild. I think you can easily catch up on your stitches. Good luck on your rotation! Hope your boyfriend's mother mends well. :)

  4. Your projects are gorgeous! Good luck with the rotation. I will be rooting for you. If it works for you maybe I will try again.

  5. So far, your rotation is yielding some great results! Whisper looks awesome, I like how there is only so little background and you already reached that flower. Kreimhild looks great too!

  6. Sorry to hear about your boyfriends mother. I hope she is on the mend. Love your new start & you made amazing progress on it already.


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