Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2017

WIPocalypse introduction

First of all - Happy new year to all of you! I hope 2017 holds a lot of health and happy days for all of you and that we all will find enough time for our most beloved hobby - stitching! =)

And as last year (and the one before and the one before the one before and so on) I am participating in the WIPocalypse event hosted by Measi, you can find the link up post here.

Since this is the first post for 2017 and there are - as every year- a lot of new people joining us on our quest, I am doing a short introduction on myself, my projects and my plans: 

My name is Johanna and I am by now 25 years old (26 in about 2 weeks time) and I live in Kamen, Germany. I live with my boyfriend and besides stitching I like to read. When I stitch, I like to listen to audiobooks (so I can combine reading and stitching). I don't have any kids or pets (though bf wants to have a dog). I am currently working at the university in Bochum (where I studied) to get my phd in mathematics (same as last year, not much has changed...). I started stitching when I was 18 and it became my favorite hobby. I am mostly a Haed stitcher (who owns over 100 patterns...) but I also enjoy the kits by Dimensions (sometimes it's nice to stitch something in Hand with different stitches and backstitching). I recently got my first Golden Kite patterns and plan to start the first one this year (see plans). Last year I stitches my first Nora Corbett, my first time working on hand dyed fabric and beading (accept for Mill Hill kits) and I plan to gain further experience there - I have some Joan Elliott designs here.

My biggest plan for this year is to try a rotation - the idea is that at the end of 2016 I felt bad and stressed because there were some projects on which I didn't work and then I didn't dedicate as much time to them as I wanted. Therefore I made a plan with all my wips and plan to rotate through all of them once. If I dedicate about a week to every wip, this is going to take until June or so. But then every wip will get some love right away. I will decide what to do after that when I am done.

I also signed up for the Cloudsfactory SAL this year - I ordered the Weeks Dye Works needed for that and I am looking forward to participating. The plan is to do so and complete the SAL!

My other plans are related to my projects:

First is my Kreimhilds Revenge by Howard David Johnson (Heaven and Earth Designs), I want to focus on this one to get this finished some day:

105 300 of 255 600 stitches are done and the big plan is to hit the halfway mark on this one - go, me, go! 22 500 to be done in 2017, I can do it!
To do so, I plan to work on this one every month for 5 days while I rotate through my projects!

I want to finish my Country Cottage Needleworks "Sheep in the Meadow" on which I haven't worked since last summer:

And I want to finish my Cliff Side Beacon by Dimensions Gold:

With all my other wips I aim for roughly 4000 stitches on them, but the only real goal is to work on all of them during the year. Since I did a very long and exhausting end of the year post, I will only name my projects here (except for new starts):

I have 11 Haeds further already on the go (I hope I didn't miss any), it would be amazing to meet the goals on all of them but if I meet the goal on at least half of them I will be happy,
Yule Angel by Anne Stokes
Starlight by David Hoffrichter
Wolf Variant by Bente Schlick
Das Rheingold by Kinuko Craft
The potting shed by Aimee Stewart
Eternal Promise by Matt Stewart
QS Trappes by Melanie Delon
QS Paddy Luck by Joanna Bromley
Supersized Ride of the Yokai by Ruth Thompson
Supersized Iris Keeper by Josephine Wall
Danielle by Sara Butcher

I don't have any goals for my Dimensions projects, except to work on them:
Paris Market
Aurora Cabin

New starts:
Whispers by Melanie Delon - Haed (already started, will share an update soon):
Crossing the Stream by Hans Zatzka, Golden Kite -scheduled for February
In the Moolight by Cindy Grunsten - Tilton Crafts - scheduled for March
I will do my best to put some work into all my beauties and I really hope that my rotation will help to get some work into all my projects! 2016 was amazing, I ended up with putting about 95 000 stitches into my Haeds, by I don't think I can do that again this year.

But now I am of to do some more stitching =)


  1. I'm sure you'll have lots of fabulous things to show us this year!

  2. Wow, what a coincident! I didn't know there very any more stitching, mid-twenty, science PhD students from Germany around for the WIPocalypse. You have some great projects on the go to, and a very ambitious rotation planned, so count me in as a follower along the way :)

  3. I look forward to watching your blog! You have a lot of really nice pieces you are working on!

  4. Good luck with your rotation! I know you will meet your goal with Kreimhild. I am so excited about your new starts! Whispers is gorgeous (almost bought her myself) and I'm so glad you're starting your first Golden Kite! Looking forward to another fantastic year of watching your wips grow. Happy stitching! :)

  5. You certainly live up to your blog name! I look forward to cheering you on this year.

  6. Oh my goodness, what a lot of large projects! It's a good thing that you are so young, you have time to finish them LOL


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