Sonntag, 22. Mai 2016

WIPocalypse - May edition

Oh my, I somehow thought I had a few more days until WIPocalypse, but it looks like the full moon is here again.

I don't have a lot to show this month. I have been working a lot  and spent a lot of time reading or getting my garden ready for summer ( I got a huge amount of flowers, some peppers and some chilis. I also bought a cucumber but I think I killed it... I am an absolute noob when it comes to gardening... Will get a new cucumber soon and try again...), but I do have at least two updates for you.

As I explained earlier (I think) I got a bit confused by working at to many projects at once (really having 3 or 4 projects out and working on various pieces a day because I felt like I needed to get some progress into all of them), I decided to try concentrating on one project. The first one I finished was a small Mill Hill kit (I just can't take a good picture of it, the beads look so crappy! the pictures just don't do it any justice at all) called "Eastern Star Santa". I started him in March and while I was making up my mind with my project chaos, I finished him (just 2 or 3 evenings).
Then I decided to pic up QS Trapped for the second Haed Challenge, because this is my next deadline (June 15th).

So I got from here (last month, 30 colors in)
 To here(52 colors in)
I decided to work on two colors that are used in the background a lot so I have the feeling of making progress now. Her face is now as good as done, just a few colors outlining her cheeks are missing. Her right eye looks a bit odd, I think I screwed that up somewhere... I seriously don't know where I went wrong and how to fix it will all the threads running on the backside... I just hope it will work out in the end...

The big plan is to focus on this piece until it is done. If I really need a day or an evening off, I will work on something else (like tonight when I will finish that started column on Middle Earth), but I will try and finish the challenge.

Since last WIPocalypse I also did a bit more work on Kreimhild, I finished page 22 and I am sooo close to the magical 100 000 stitches mark. Just one and a partial page left until the row is finished, so I will return to her very soon to do that.

Here is what you last saw of her:
And now, with her arm finished (at least for this row):

This months question is
What did you work on last year at this time and did you finish it?

Ok, about one year ago I handed in my master thesis (on 12th May to be precise) and celebrated it with two new starts - QS Paddys Luck and Danielle. Of course, I did not finish them, lol.

I already picked up Paddy this year and here is where he is at now:
He has 8 columns done now, which brings him to 6400 stitches. The color are so joyful, I should definitely pick him up again!

As for Danielle, I made a start on page 2 (half way done):
The big problem with this is, that I decided to got for the DMC E5200. I think that floss would be ok on 25ct, but on 28ct it's a pain. So I thought about restarting this and using Rainbow Gallery. So I decided to try and frog it (if the alternative is to start all over, I can first try rescuing it... it can't get worse). It is a super slow process, but so far it's working out. I am so happy that evenweave is so forgiving, when it comes to frogging.... I will let you know the outcome of this adventure no matter what happens ;-)

So that's it for this month. If you are curious about how everybody else is doing, just hop over here and take a look!

I guess my next update will again be on Trapped, so we will see how her face is working out soon.

Until then,
Happy stitching =)


  1. I zoomed in on her right eye just to see if I could tell what you were referring to. I think it looks a little bit like she is lacking a pupil. You might check to see which is the darkest color in the eye and make sure it has been stitched in the right spot. You could probably just stitch over the stitch that is already there if you can figure out where the mistake is. But it looks okay from a distance, so chances are good that it is correct and you are just too close to the project to see it clearly (haha).

  2. Enjoyed seeing your project!!!!!!Lovely work!!!!!!

  3. What a great update! I love QS Trapped. Her eye looks fine to me - I think it's just that you're looking at her from close-up.

  4. Kreimhild has both arms! :) Great progress this month. I think Trapped looks fine. Maybe the colors will even out once the page is finished? Though I really can't see anything wrong. Good luck completing the challenge!

  5. I had to frog on 28 ct once and it was very very tedious! The Petite Tresure braid is also a bit thicker than the B5200, so it might be worth testing a patch to make sure that's what you like before continuing with the frogging. All the best with the Challenge piece, it's looking great so far!

  6. So pretty. I can't believe how much you get done on your HAEDs. Lovely.


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