Sonntag, 1. Mai 2016

Updates on Kreimhild, Trapped, Aurora Cabin and Paris Market and some new stash

I have a couple of updates to show you today. I have been working on quite a lot of different projects lately because there are a few I want to get done soon.
Kreimhilds Revenge is still on my big frame and she is coming along really nicely.
Here is what she looks like right now:
Page 22 is a bit more than halfway done and I hope to share a page finish soon =)

Progress is not as fast as usual because I am also working on QS Trapped for the Haed challenge and I stitched a good amount on the dog bookshelf piece (hasn't seen love for far to long and it's time to get it done) on which I will share an update for the GGSAL.

As for Trapped, I did 45 colors on my 1 1/2 pages so far. I still find those mysterious single missed stitches everywhere and I think I screwed up her right eye (couldn't even figure out what went wring there, I just hope it will be ok in the end). Here she is:
I did not really enjoy stitching those scattered single stitches, I have been carrying my threads over such huge distances, my backside is a true mess. I could imagine doing cross country again, but not the entire stitches on a page if they are so scattered. But I will finish this challenge no matter what ;-) There are huge blocks of color to come now. I must admit that stitching with the same color all the time is a bit boring, but at least it gives me the feeling of making progress ;-)

I also did a bit of work on my Aurora Cabin, which I haven't picked up for ages (I think I didn't work on it in all of 2015...). I did some work work on the right tree (it's really huge, but a lot of fun to stitch).
Here is my current progress:

I really don't know why I haven't worked on this for so long, I really love it, I just forgot about it... But I will try and get some progress in in 2016.
I also put a few stitches into Paris Market, I think I did a bit of work on the trees:
Not much progress, but every stitch counts, right? ;-)

Edit: Lol, I forgot about my new stash! I just couldn't resist the 50% Haed SAL and ended up with 7 (!) new charts for me and I took the chance to sent out two RAKS.
Soe here we go!
As many of you already know, Cherie Gerhardt (Mystic Moon Media) did some Harry Potter themed artwork and the four house crests and since I love Harry Potter, I had to buy them all. So here are
Bravery (Gryffindor)
Cunning (Slytherin)
Loyalty (Hufflepuff)
And Wisdom (Ravenclaw)

I also got Distant Musings by Annie Stegg, I have been eying this one for ages, but I somehow never got it. But now it's mine. Isn't it gorgeous? =)
And then I got another chart by Jane Starr Weils, I absolutely need to start one of her designs! I chose Red Poppies:
The last one I got is QS Tree Swallow by Meredith Dillman. I am truly fond of birds these days and I saw a WIP of this and just had to get it:

I'll put a few stitches into Kreimhild now. 
So, until next time,
Happy stitching =)


  1. Great stitching! Kreimhild is really growing quickly. Aurora Cabin has been on my wish list for a while now. Yours looks lovely!

  2. Great progress! Kreimhild is looking very nice, and the cabin seems very warm and inviting. :) Cross country stitching does create a mess, but the larger blocks should help to neaten things up. I love your new stash! I am especially fond of anything from Annie Stegg, as she is one of my favorites. :)


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