Samstag, 23. Januar 2016

Update on Wolf Variant and Haed challenge

I worked on Wolf Variant during the last days and used this project to participate in the Haed challenge that is currently hosted on Facebook. 
The goal was to do 1000 stitches consisting of 10 blocks of size 10x10 and they had to be arranged diagonal to each other (so doing them all in one diagonal was fine or as I did, a checkerboard pattern or anything in between). 
Here is my checkerboard pattern:
The stitches added up pretty fast, I did this in just one day (ok I was really exhausted in the end because I was like "ok just one more square...") The idea behind this was to try a new way of stitching that was something between cross country and parking. You also get to see what is to come up in the pattern (like a small window to your picture). The effect is not that visible here because I was working on the background but I have seen a lot of WIPs that looked amazing.

It was a lot of fun to try something new and I can only recommend joining in the challenge (as far as I understood, you can still sign up for the challenge, it runs until March 15th, sign up is open until some time in March, but I am not entirely sure about that). 

I might have been fun to do the squares but it was a bit tricky to fill them in afterwards. If you use waste knots like I do, it's not that easy to find a suitable place to start and end you threads. I ended a few of my threads on the back of my work (which I don't like because I have my pattern and my flossbobbins-in-use lying on my frame, so I have to put everything away first before turning my frame). But in the end I did it:

My stitching is now 100 stitches wide and I am working on the second row of pages. I did a total of 11800 stitches so far (5000 during this month!).
I am also trying something new this year: I am tracking my progress. At the end of each stitching day I write down how many stitches I made. I calculated my stitches per stitching day at the end of my rotation and I calculated how many days I need to keep on stitching until the project is finished. So here are my stats now:

Total Stitches: 409 500
Total Stitches done: 11 800
Stitches in 2016: 5000
Stitching days: 10
Average stitches per day: 500
Stitches left: 397 700
Days left to stitch: 795

So there are 795 days to stitch on this, I though this would be worse :D I mean that's less than two years. The only problem is that this is not my only project but it makes me think that if I decide to make this a focus project, then I would actually be able to finish this :D 
I am not yet sure if I will do this for all my projects, I just wanted to give this a try ;-)

I put Wolf Variant away for now because I need to stitch something that is not blue, lol. I took out Danielle, on which I haven't worked for ages (she was calling to me most). I guess I will have something to show on her for WIPocalypse in a few days.

Happy stitching! =)


  1. 500 stitches a day! Oh that I could accomplish so much each day. I understand about needing to change colors, I have several in my rotation because of that. It looks lovely.

  2. Tracking my progress has been extremely helpful for me, and a great motivator! I actually got a pretty awesome spreadsheet from Ewa ( that helps me keep track of each wip separately, and I'm also using one for all my wips together to see when I'm gonna be finished with all of them (October of 2032 right now :DDDDD) Anyway, Wolf Variant looks amazing! :)))


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