Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2016

Stash enhancement! :D

Well, here we go, my stash post as announced at the beginning of the month :D

I somehow missed showing quite a lot of stuff I got over the last months, so I will try and catch uo. I hope I don't forget about anything ;-)

First up is the Haed kit for Ride of the Yokai. I have already shown you all the floss:
But I also got a few goddies with the package.
I got a free needle threader with the kit:
It's hard to capture the colors here, the threader is really lovely. It's a beautiful amber colored glass bead with with little glass dots in different colors (I really don't know how to describe it :D). I don't use threaders when working with just one strand but I have a few projects calling for 2 strands or more, so this will come in handy.
I also ordered a Laying tool, which is said to be quite helpful when working with more than one thread. The idea is to flatten your stitches to archive neater stitches and a better coverage. I tried railroading a few time (it has the same effect), but I never got used to it and so I skipped it after some time. I will therefore give the laying tool a try.
I think it's a really pretty thing. It actually matches my needle threader ;-) I don't know exactly what it's made of :D I don't think it's wood, maybe some sort of plastic or resin? I really don't know but it's nice. Below the bead some silver wire is wound around the tool and some beads are attached to the wire. The big glass bead is placed between two smaller beads. I really love all those details, this was truly manufactured with a lot of love for detail ;-) If I remember correctly, this thing was only half price because I ordered it along with the kit.
Las but not least I decided to get a frog sword:
The color is somewhere between lavender and antique pink and it sparkles. It's quite heavy, I'm again not entirely sure what this is made of. It's quite cool to the touch, it could be glass (but quite thick glass).
The tip is really sharp and cuts threads in no time. I had a tool like this before, I found it looking through my mothers things, but my version is really ugly (it's made of plastic and the color is a really pale yellow and the color looks quite off since the tool is approximately 30 years old).

Ok that's it for my kit.
And now some kits! The story behind this is that I ordered some fabric online, but the fabric was damaged (which I noticed a few days before I wanted to start Ride of the Yokai), so I drove to the shop where I got the fabric and exchanged it for some new fabric. And to make it worth the afford of driving 80 km to the shop and 80 back home, I took a look around and found a few things:
My wonderful boyfriend suggested Christmas stockings. He says he really like them, but my problem is that most of the stocking you can get in Germany are quite boring and not really nice. So I went looking for stocking kits and found two:
This one is called "Candy cane Santa Stocking" from the Dimensions Gold Collection and is meant for my boyfriend. He wanted a "classic Santa" and I like his choice. I guess I'm going to start this soon so there is a chance to finish it before Christmas :D
And I also picked a second one called "Snowman and friends Stocking":
I think all the animals are really cute. The white might be a bit boring to stitch, but it will be fine. I somehow feel like adding some sparkle or some beads to it (candy cane santa little sequins).
Next up are some Mill Hill kits. I never got the hang of them when I saw them online, but when I was in the store and could take a closer look, I was amazed. I never beaded anything, but I think it's not to hard. These are also small designs, so I will have a finish now and then and I hope to have a few ornaments for Christmas 2016 :-)
First is the Drum from the Holiday Harmony collection:
Then the is "Noel Heart" from the Charmed Mittens collection - my favorite among the kits I got! I love the whole Charmed Mittens collection and I fear I will get some more.

Then there are "Santas Boots" from the Santas Closet collection - look at the little Christmas tree charms!!
And I got "Snowman Stocking". No collection is mentioned on the package, but it's quite old (1997 it says). I think the little snowman is adorable:
I fear I already ordered a few more from sewandso (they have some lovely beaded Santas). All the kits include some perforated paper, needles for stitching and beading, the threads and a ton of beads (I heard it's more than enough beads, most people seem to have a lot of leftovers).  I'm really excited to start one of these.

And now here is the part most of you have been waiting for - charts!
I got a few more supersized patterns. As an exclusive to the Supersize group on facebook Michele offered "Moon Child" by Annie Stegg - a breathtaking design (Michele said she was working on it long before it was released and I was waiting for it all the time :D )
Then there is Universal Lighthouse by Bill Plank. I seem to have a weakness for designs consisting of a lot of blue or violet or so :D I fell in love with it the instant I saw it and I knew I wanted this with all it's detail:
I think I mentioned some time ago that I requested another Storykeep to be supersized - SK Wineshelf by Aimee Stewart. Well, I finally got it some ages after it's release. It came out exactly the way I wanted it (and very close to the size I estimated, I thought it to be about 340 stitches wide and it ended up 343 stitches wide), all the details are there. It's going to be amazing!
To make up for this I also got some smaller charts.
Here is QS Good Witch by Hannah Lynn. She was calling to me and looks like a lot of fun to stitch. I always love to watch when people do the black outline first and color the design afterwards and I would love to try it (would be quite different from my usual parking technique):
I also got QS Spirit of Winter Robin by Ciro Marchetti. I thinks it's a cute little Ornament:
And now for the regular charts:
Michele offered a few free charts, one of them was "Grizz" by Dave Bartholet. I really love his designs, there are so many I would love to buy and stitch! I swear I bought "Back glance" once, but I can't find the pdf, lol. Maybe it's hidden in some weird folder on my pc :D
Some of you may have noticed that I love the designs by Leonid Afremov. I got all his charts from Love Thy Thread before they closed and I also got some of the charts that were now released by Haed. I added two more to my collection:
Memories of First love (I think I saw someone stitch this, it was gorgeous!)
Farewell to Anger - absolutely beautiful. I am very tempted to start this and "farewell to anger" is a good goal for 2016 ;-)

I think those were all the goodies I got lately (I hope I didn't forget about any...). I will update my stash page in the next days (haven't done that for ages, so there is work to do) and I will be back with a page finish on Ride of the Yokai soon! =)


  1. Great stash haul! Sally at Stitchyangel's Treasures has been stitching your Robin for a while now and it's almost done. It looks stunning! Hope you enjoy stitching everything!

  2. Wow that is a lot of new stash. Lots of stunning projects included in there, looking forward to seeing you progresss with them.


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