Samstag, 2. Januar 2016

Happy new year - a page finish and a new start =)

I hope you all made a good start for 2016 and the new year will hold a lot of stitching time and health for you and your loved ones.

I also did my annual new start on the first of January. I only did some 400 something stitches yesterday, but I will stitch some more today. The big problem is that so many people are having a new start for January 1st, I can hardly get away from facebook because there are so many lovely pictures by other stitchers showing up and so many lovely designs I never noticed before. My wishlist is very likely to grow now :D I got a few new charts in the last sale and plan on doing a stash enhancement post because I am quite behind with showing you my new additions (there is charts and fabric and kits...).

But now I want to show you my last page finish for 2015. I worked on Kreimhilds Revenge and managed to put the last stitches into page 20 on the 31st:
I am sorry, the colors are a bid off because the Christmas tree is standing in front of the window and is blocking the daylight ;-)
You can see that I reached my actual Kriemi and she got some hair. I think that brown thing on the bottom of the page is a part of her dress. I am looking forward to work on page 21 soon =) Michele said there would be another Haed challenge starting on January 15th and I think I might pic Kriemi for that.

And now here is my new start. It's Supersized Ride of the Yokai by Ruth Thompson:
The design is really huge. It's 999x730 stitches, so nealry 730 000 stitches in total! Considering the fact that I did around 90 000 stitches in 2015 on all my projects together, it would take me still more than 8 years to finish this if I worked on nothing else.... I was a bit stunned about this because this one will take really really long to stitch. But for me stitching is about working on the design and not so much about finishing things (as you may have noticed....).
Here is my tiny start on it, a bit more than 400 stitches:
The colors are really lovely. This was also my first Kit from Haed. It was quite expensive and the shipping and taxes really hurt, but I really wanted a kit. I also got a Laying tool and a frog sword (pics to follow), so this was very expensive and I basically spent my Christmas money on this. But I am happy with the kit ;-)
Here is all the floss I got with the kit, it's a real big bunch of floss. I'm not sure if I would order another kit, they are really nice and I want to support Michele by buying from her, but shipping here was about 50$ and then I payed about 60$ for taxes (ok taxes would be fewer if I only ordered a kit without the frog sword and the laying tool and I could maybe save some shipping costs if I ordered without the presentation box... I'll think about it... I mean kits are really good if you got for a supersize because they need so much floss and I always want to be sure to get floss from the same dye lot).
Anyway, I am super happy with my kit and can definitely recommend it. Just check how much taxes you have to pay in the end (in Germany you have to pay an extra tax if you buy outside the EU for to much money, that was an extra 20$ gone because I didn't know that...)

I guess I will go back to stitching now and be back with another post soon. I have not made up my mind about goals for 2016 yet. I am not sure if I will set goals for myself or not yet ;-)


  1. Kreimhild looks wonderful!
    I'm in awe of your new start. It's gorgeous (but so big!)

  2. Well done on another page finish in 2015 it is looking fantastic. Your new project looks amazing, can't wait to see how these two grow in 2016

  3. Kreimhild looks great! Your new project is beautiful but so big! The colours are gorgeous. Can't wait to cheer you on for the next 8 years at least...


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