Mittwoch, 9. September 2015

YOTA - September edition

I totally forgot to post an update for YOTA! I have quite a lot to do at university these days, so I mostly forgot about posting here. I'm not stitching that much either (but I am trying to finish page 19 on Kriemhild tonight).
Anyway, here is my update on QS Theatre of the Absurd:
Last time:
And now:
I added about 1000 stitches, so I am getting there! I will try to finish the next column by October =)


  1. This is an incredible design. You are making great progress too.

  2. Great progress! I hope stitching provides some nice relaxation for you while you're studying.

  3. Great work, you made good progress on this piece well done.

  4. Wonderful progress! It's looking fabulous!


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