Montag, 14. September 2015

Kreimhilds Revenge - page 19 is done!

I somehow forgot to post about this, lol. I finished page 19 on Kriemhild a few days ago. On the next page there will be some of her hair, so the end of the sky is near!

I'm still not stitching that much these days. I'm doing my best to have something to show for the GG SAL (which is due tomorrow, but I guess I won't blog about it until thursday or so). The page on Kriemhild just took ages to stitch, but at least I am at 86050 stitches now, which means that I officially met the 1/3 mark, yay!
I'll do my best to arrange at least one more appearance for her this year =)


  1. She's coming along beatifully! Congrats on another page finish and hitting the 1/3 mark!

  2. Wow well done on getting to the third mark. This piece looks amazing, congrats on finishing page 19.

  3. She really is beautiful! Congrats on the page finish! 1/3 is a great milestone!

  4. Congratulations on reaching your milestone! Beautiful stitching.


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