Montag, 31. August 2015

WIPocalypse - August editon

Well, it looks like August is over and it's time for WIPocalypse. Well, actually I am two days late with this, I somehow didn't notice it was time for it again. On the health side, I am feeling better by now. I am still rather tired and want to sleep a lot but it's getting better. I didn't have much energy and concentrating was rather hard during the last days, so I didn't stitch that much. Anyway, here is my update.

This months question is a task: to pick a project I stitched on this month and tell it's story.

I worked on two projects this month: Starlight and Kreimhilds Revenge. Since I already talked about Kriemhild two months back, I want to tell you something about Starlight.

Starlight is an artwork by David Hoffrichter, it will hopefully look like this one day:
It's 450x605 stitches, which makes a total of 272500 stitches. In large format, this results in 64 pages. I'm stitching this on 25ct ivory Lugana, 1 over 1, full crosses. 

As for the story behind this:
I started this in September 2013 (so it's nearly 2 years old). I had a pretty hard time back then and I had lost my stitching mojo. I didn't stitch for a couple of months and when this design was released, I immediately fell in love with it. I bought it a week after it was released (or so) and noticed that I was only two colors short, so I made a new start and found my love for stitching again. 
I guess this is one of the most challenging projects I have because it has such a lot of confetti. Especially that brown tree-bubble-thing in the upper left corner took ages to stitch, so progress on this went rather slow. But I am past that thing now (at least for the first row) and I am confident that I can speed up on this one now. I really enjoy the colors and it always amazes me how all those single stitches turn into something that beautiful. I only did 4 pages on this one, so there is still a long way to got. Here is what I got so far:
I am now stitching some of that swirl around that brown thing and I am very much looking forward to stitching the blue color in the upper right corner. I stitched 15120 stitches so far and I am nearly at the halfway point of the first row. I guess I will return to this in a while and stitch until I reach that halfway point.

After finishing page 4 on Starlight I returned to Kreimhilds Revenge. The sky is quite annoying and boring to stitch (especially since the colors are so similar to the fabric color). But there are only a few columns left until some more of Kriemhilds hair will appear, so I push myself to finish the sky columns. 
Last time you saw her, she looked like this:

And now:
Page 19 is nearly done and I hope to be back with a page finish soon =) I will also take a full shot of her then =)


  1. Oh wow! The confetti in Starlight looks incredible! I probably would've torn my hair out :D But it looks amazing, just like Kreimhild! I know what you mean about the sky being almost the same color as the fabric, that's why I had some smaller problems with the clouds in Gaudí :D Anyway, great job! :)))

  2. Thanks for sharing more info about Starlight. I love to read about the inspiration behind these larger pieces. They are both gorgeous and I'm always amazed how much progress you can make by just plugging away at them!

  3. Great progress on your two WIP, very impressed by that kind of amazing projects - 64 pages waouh! well done. Gruße

  4. Wow, Starlight is incredibly detailed stitch. I would be looking forward to that blue in the corner as well! Beautiful progress on both and glad to read you're feeling better. :)


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