Samstag, 1. August 2015

WIPocalypse and YOTA

Well, it looks like August is already here. To be correct, WIPocalypse day was yesterday which means that there were two full moons in July (the full moon appears every 28 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes or so, so this can happen from time to time)( I picked up this useful knowledge when I had to learn for an exam, lol).
Anyway, since YOTA and Wipocalypse were so close together this time, I decided to do one post for both (and since I don't have much to show for either of them, the posts won't look so empty).

Well, I somehow didn't spent a lot of time stitching during the last month. I picked up Starlight once again to stitch page 3 (my goal for this year was to add at least one page to every of my projects and I am on a good way to do so). I stitched half of the page so far. There was a lot of confetti in that brown bubble-tree-whatever-thing so stitching that took ages. But I seem to be done with it (for the first row) and stitching seems to be a bit faster now.

Here is how it looked like last time:
And now:

I plan to continue with this page for a bit longer (until I take a break to work on Middle Earth) 
Well as I said, I was very unproductive. I did 800 stitched on Yule Angel to show my new praking technique to avoid gridlines, but I didn't take a full shot. Anyway, I got from here:
To here:
And I fear that's it for WIPocalypse. I really hope next month will be better ;-) 

Ups, I forgot about this months question, which is 
What makes you pick up a long-abandoned UFO rather than beginning a new piece?
Well, those of you who follow my blog know, that I am quite good at starting new things :D But usually I can mange to not really abandon a piece. Sometimes I am making goals for myself before starting a new piece (I'm currently preparing for my first Supersize but I want to stitch a few things first: finish the current page on Starlight and stitch another page on Kreimhild and get some progress into Theatre of the Absurd). I often tell myself that I sort of treat myself with a new start when I get enough done on my old pieces but it doesn't always work :D 
I really enjoy the UFO SALs (both the one on facebook and the YOTA SAL) because they sort of force me to pick an UFO up once a month ;-)

As for YOTA, it didn't get much done either. I picked up QS Theatre of the Absurd for some 500 stitches and went from here:
To here:
I didn't really give much love to this one during the UFO week at the end of the month, so I decided to do a few more stitches (300 or so) before putting it away again. After all, I want this finished soon!


  1. You seem to have done really well on your progress for these projects. They all look wonderful.

  2. Great stitching, there are so big works, ThofAb is becoming so nice. Bravo. Gruße

  3. It might not seem a lot of progress to you but you can see it from the photos


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