Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015

Avoiding gridlines

Well, I wanted to do this post for a while but I always forgot about this. So finally, here we go. I haven't got much else to show because somehow my stitching bug is rather lazy these days and I spent a lot of time with other things (I'm going to move in October, so there were a lot of things to deal with like organizing things and buying furniture). I hope this will get better again, I really miss my stitching ;-)

Well the topic of this post are gridlines (or page lines). If you have a lot of block stitching to do and you are parking your threads there are sometimes some nasty lines showing up between the columns or pages. The reason is that the tension in the stitches at the right edge of the column/page is sometimes different from the tension on the left edge, so a line forms. I have this problem on my Kreimhild, when I changed from cross country to parking (didn't have a idea about those lines then):

(if you look at the close up you can see the lines)

 Some people say that those lines will disappear when you wash the project and let it soak for a while, but I am not entirely sure about that (maybe I didn't let it soak long enough) so avoiding these line in the first place would be something.
So I read about doing a zik-zak line instead of a straight line:
I tried this with Kreimhilds Revenge and it looks really good so far and I guess I will continue with this. It was a bit complicated at first because I tended to skrew up my markings on the chart, but I thinks it's working now.The tension between left and right edge of the column may still be different but since the line all have a different length now the line disappears =)

I'm using this technique now whenever I come across block stitching and I can only recommend doing this if you have trouble with grid oder page lines =) Maybe this is helpful for some of you =)


  1. I never thought about doing it that way but that is interesting.

  2. I never thought about doing it that way but that is interesting.

  3. I've never gridded, I prefer designs where you stitch all of one colour in a swathe like Mirabilias. But this looks like an excellent way of avoiding the lines.

  4. Interesting how the zigzags work to eliminate the lines. I suppose that plus parking would make for a completely line-less project!


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