Montag, 6. Juli 2015

YOTA - July update

Well, here we go =) It's time for YOTA and as usual I didn't manage to post on YOTA-day (Saturday)  ;-) I haven't been at home during the weekend and had therefore no access to my computer.
We were suffering from an enormous heat wave here in Germany (we hit 40° Celsius which is due to google 104° Fahrenheit) over the weekend wich some thunderstorms in between (the weather is freaking me out right now...) so I didn't get anything done.
Saturday was the worst day, I stayed at my boyfriends house because they have a garden and the air is better there. In the morning we decided to buy a small pool (best decision we ever made, lol) and spent a few hours driving around to get one (they were sold out everywhere, but we finally got one with all the required stuff) and set it up and it was really nice to cool down ;-) The weekend is going to be sunny as well, so I guess I'll spent another few hours in the water again =)

But now for YOTA! I am still focusing on QS Theatre of the Absurd (didn't put a single stitch into Paris Market or Aurora Cabin). I am fairly happy with my progress, some 760 stitches. I am kind of speeding up with this one, so there is a good chance to get this finished this year =)


And after!
If this months progress is as good as last ones I will be truly happy. At least I am ready to face the confetti again ;-)

If you want more information on the YOTA SAL or join us, please pay a visit to Pulltheotherthreads place, she is hosting this SAL and her blog is surely worth a look or two =)


  1. Lovely stitching - keep going and you'll reach your goal! We have had similar weather in the UK. I really don't like the heat! The rain was a welcome relief.

  2. Great stitching! You made wonderful progress even with the crazy heat there.

  3. Wow that is looks spectacular and you are moving along really quickly!

  4. You made lots of progress, it looks good!


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