Montag, 25. Juni 2018

WIPocalypse - June

Ah I have been sort of surprised by this WIPocalypse, in my head there were 31 days in June and I thought it the WIPocalypse posting would be due for the upcoming Sunday. Well, here we go.... As always, I am including this months link-up here and since I am late, a few people have already liked up there =)

This months question is about our ideal stitching retreat. I must confess, that I didn't think about the issue to much since I am currently not feeling like going on a retreat - I'm sure they are fun, but right now my weeks are really packed with things and during the weekend I am just glad to be home and without other people, lol. During the week there are so many people around, everything is hectic and during the weekend I enjoy the silence :D But going on a retreat, I would love a nice location, maybe a chance to sit outside as well, some nice people, good food and in the evening, a glass of wine ;-)

The topic for next month is a half year recap, so far I am not doing that well for my goals, so I hope to get some more done for next month. I will have a few weeks off during in July, so there is still hope. There is not too much hope, since I am still glued to my books and not getting any stitching done... So this months progress is not to impressive... But here we go:

First up is my last Maynia start - I did my fourth start on 31st May and it my first Maia/Anchor kit called "Geishas" and this is where I got:
And here is the design:
You can see, I started with the sitting Geishas face and I absolutely love it so far =) 

I also have a small finish to show. On 1st May I started one of the two designs from Liebevolle Kreuzstichentwürfe, here is where I left off last month:
And here is the finished piece:
The backstitching really adds a lot to it, the duck and the seagull are so cute! But the grass was horrible to stitch, it took ages to do all those longstitches... But I really love the result =) And I am definitely going to stitch the second design this year =)

Next I decided to pick up my Gecko Rouge design called "Sloth". I don't know what it is with this one, but it just takes ages to stitch- my usual progress on this one is about 200 stitches per night... Maybe it's because I am doing 2 over 1 and using my laying tool.... Well, I only got one column done, so 890 stitches on top... I went from here:
To here:
Since I really want to stitch the first quarter of this in 2018, I plan on stitching another column in July =)

Another project that didn't get to much love (but is currently on my frame and getting more love) is my Kreimhilds Revenge. I added one column since you last saw her and went from here:
To here:
Stitching all that black is a bit dull, but you can now see the tip of her spear =) It's just 770 stitches so far, but I was planning on doing my post next Sunday and thought I would have more time to work on her :D She will definitely get more love this month, I plan on working on her at least until the end of June and will do my best to get a page finish =)

Last but not least, since finishing my Hadrangeas in April, I was looking for another smaller project I could focus on. First I wanted to finish the lighthouse from my Maynia start, which I did, and now I have chose "Cliffside Beacon" by Dimensions Gold. I am already more than halfway done and it's a beautiful summer design. I am adding a few stitches then and again (getting along nicely while stitching all the black on Kreimhild). Here is where you last saw it:
And here is where I am now, just a hand full of stitches added, but every stitch counts, right?
Well, this is truly all I have for this month... And I am off to bed now, along with a nice book and one or two hours of reading ;D

Happy stitching =)


  1. Wow...great progress made over the last month. Love the Geishas design. x

  2. Well, there was lots to see in this post! Love the way the sloth is growing.

  3. All your projects are looking great! It's so cool to see Kreimhild's spear emerging. Hope the rest of the year goes well! :)

  4. Don't worry, I still don't have my WIPocalypse post up...I like to really use the full month as well! Great progress, even if it wasn't as much as usual. But as you're saying, every stitch counts, and I'm sure your stitchy bug will return in force eventually.

  5. Love your progress. I also enjoy my weekends of stitching quietly.

  6. I totally agree with you that at times you just need to be alone and enjoy your own company. In fact I need it alot LOL! You've done well on all your projects. You even managed a finish so yay you!! I love how your finished design turned out and backstitching, whilst it can be a pain makes all the difference. The long grass looks really cool and you can imagine the breeze that's making them sway. The Geisha face is beautiful I can't wait to see more on her. She is a stash kit for me so love that you are working on it.

    Any moment spent doing something you enjoy is never a moment wasted so if reading is the bug that's biting at the moment then do that. We love all your progress no matter how big or small.
    xo Alicia


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