Samstag, 9. Juni 2018

Mayyyyyyniaaaa =)

In my previous posts I mentioned that I did some sort of Maynia this year - don't ask me why I decided to join this year, it was a very spontaneous idea because I felt like making a few new starts. You know that I usually go for bigger projects and so there was now way for me to start 15 projects in 15 days, especially since I prefer to work on a project for more than one day. So I decided to do 4 new starts during the month. In Germany (at least in the part where I live) we had 4 holidays in May, so 4 additional free days, yay! And since a free day means a lot of stitching time, I decided to do my starts on those days.
Since the dates where sat, I faced the next task: Choice of projects! 
Two of those were easy - I really wanted to stitch one of the small designs from Liebevolle Kreuzstichentwürfe and I wanted to restart my In the Moonlight by Tilton Crafts, which makes a really small design and a medium sized project (I think 112.500 stitches in total?). I thought about starting another Haed - you know I love them and I have a ton of gorgeous designs I want/need to start. But then I also have a ton of kits in my stash, kits I really love but most of the time I start a Haed instead of a kit . So I decided that the remaining two new starts should also be non-Haeds. But without further ado, here are my new starts!

The first new start was on 1st May and I went for a design from "Liebevolle Kreuzstitchentwürfe" called "Strandidylle 3". I bought it at the Creativa this year and it's design on the right:
This was my first time stitching one of their designs, it's stitched on Linen (I think it's 32ct), 2 over 2, there is no information on the used threads, but it's cotton and I guess it's DMC or Anchor. I already showed you an update for WIPocalypse, but I made some more progress since then, I even finished it!
Isn't it cute? It looks even better then I expected, the picture doesn't do it justice! I absolutely plan on stitching the second design this year and getting some patterns next year.  =) Stitching this was fun, but I hated stitching all the gras, but it looks so pretty now =) And I really love the duck and the seagull =)

This brings us to my second new start, that was on 10th May. On that day I decided to do my restart for In the Moonlight by Cindy Grundsten (Tilton). You remember, last year I had the fabric orientation wrong, but this time I checked it thrice!
Here is the design:
For me it's a smaller design, just 300 by 375 stitches, lol. And here is where I got, some background:
The beginning is a bit dull, mainly 5 shades of grey and oh yes - I stitched this before... This one is again stitched on 28ct grey Lugana, 1 over 1.

My next new start was on 21st and I went for a smaller design - a kit from Alisa, which is a Russian company, and simply called "Robin".
The design uses half and full crosses and between 1 and 3 threads, which gives a nice 3d effect. I started in the upper left corner and stitched one of the flowers and some sky:
I am stitching this one in hand, the Aida (I think 14ct) is quite stiff, so it works well. 

And then there is my 4th new start, I made it on 31st May and haven't shown it before. I decided to go for the Geishas by Maia. I bought this one in March, but since it is soooo pretty, I am happy to show it again here:
It is worked on 18ct Aida and I am amazed by the quality, this is the softest Aida I ever used! This is also my first time using Anchor threads and so far I am happy with them. I decided to start in the middle with the sitting Geishas face:
Isn't she pretty? and just imagine how beautiful she will looks with the backstitching! She is a real joy to stitch and I am happy that I started this project =) 
This project is bigger than I expected, I think the stitch count is over 60 000, but this means that I will enjoy this for a long time, which is also something nice =)

Well, those are all my new starts! I guess I have enough new start for some time now :D


  1. Yay to the Maia geishas. That was a kit I wanted when I first started stitching and never got. It'll be fun watching that one. Congratulations on your new starts!

  2. Great starts for Maynia and congratulations for finishing one of them too!

  3. Lovely new starts! I'm thrilled to see you chose the Geishas for the last holiday, I bet they will be gorgeous! Now for some reason, I really want to go home and start a few of my own kits...good thing I'll have to stay at work for a few more hours!


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