Mittwoch, 10. August 2016

Iris - Page 3 is finished

I'm still busy working on the challenge, I did 4 rows and made a start on rpw 5 since I took this picture:

Then I took a small break to work on something else, so I chose Supersized Iris Keeper and made some progress. I finished page 3 and added a small bit of page 4, so we have a total of 16 000 stitches done:

I truly love how Iris is coming out, all those lovely colors!

In the meantime, my missing threads for Potting Shed have arrived and I am more than tempted to start it! Maybe I'll put a few stitches in tonight (so much for the "no more big new starts or 2016" :D).


  1. Limiting the number of starts is overrated! Go for it! Great progress on Iris and Middle Earth map.

  2. Wonderful progress on these two! I love all the swirls of color in Iris. She looks so fun to stitch. I hope you and Potting Shed have become better acquainted. :) I would love to see a few stitches on such a beautiful chart!

  3. Wonderful progress! Can't wait to see your next start.

  4. Great work on the map. Iris does have some lovely colours in her too.


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