Montag, 15. August 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - August

Well, it's already the middle of August and therefore time for another GGSAL update =) The SAL is hosted by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching.

I only have two projects to show this month, but one of them is my project for the Haed Challenge on FB, so I have tons of progress to show.

Here is Middle Earth as of last month:
And now:
I stitched 60 row on page 4, so another 38 (or 40, as I somehow stitch 2 additional rows to get even numbers) to go for the challenge. It's so amazing to see the writing appear, it finally looks like something and most of all, you can recognize that it's the Map of Middle Earth now! I stitched the same portion when I worked on the Middle Earth RR, wich was the "regular" size(450 stitches wide). I am quite happy that I went for the Large version (750 stitches wide), you can see the writing much better. "The Lost Realm" is still a bit blurry, but I think it's okay, you can still read it. I remember that I thought about getting the supersized version of this (999 stitches wide), but since I already had this one started I decided to stick with it. The writing would surely be clearer, then again I don't think I can finish the supersized version in this life :D With this version of the Map, I am actually confident to finish this one day :D

Apart from Middel Earth, I only worked on my Dog Bookshelf piece, I finished another page, roughly 5000 stitched to go, time to speed up to get this done!
And now, the big confetti bunch is done:
I am not completely sure, but I think the dark blobbs up there are some writing? I am actually excited to see how the writing will be, I ordered the supersized version of the chart because I wanted the writing to be readable and I had doubts if the normal version would be fine.

I didn't work on Santa this month, I don't know, I was just to busy with other stuff, but I hope to improve next month. I don't think he'll be finished this year, but I still want to get some progress in :D

Since I don't have enough Wips or charts, I got another wolf-themed chart, I saw it on Joysze blog and my boyfriend was instantly taken by the design. So I went to Tilton Crafts and got this fellow:
It's called "In the Moonlight" and it's so beautiful. I think this would be something to stitch for  BF one day (maybe in 2017?)

Ok, this is my progress for this month. I fear I started the Potting Shed by Aimee Stewart (some 1000 stitches so far), so I guess I will share an update on that soon. I hope to be able to share a page finish on Middle Earth for the next GG SAL =)

Until then,
Happy Stitching =)


  1. Wow so many beautiful charts. Glad to see the Middle Earth map get some writing, I am thinking of starting a map but am worried the words will be blurry, they are very readable on yours though. The new wolf pattern is very striking. What an interesting expression he has on his face!

  2. Always impressed by your progress on my GG visit, the map is amazing. xxx

  3. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I really love the Middle Earth map. I will be starting my Discworld map at some point, the writing is all backstitch so that makes it easier!

  4. Lovely work - lovely projects. I always do enjoy visiting.

  5. Great progress, the map is just stunning

  6. Wonderful progress. Your Middle Earth map is really coming along!

  7. Wowsers you made a huge amount of progress on Middle Earth. You can read the writing quite well so I don't think the SS would have been all that much clearer. Looking fantastic. Good luck on completing the challenge, it looks like you will be finishing this page well within the time limit though.

    Love the doggie bookshelf too. He is very cute. And yes I oohed and ahhed over the Tilton chart when Joyze posted it. It's so beautiful and how lucky am I that 2 stitchers I follow will be working on him.
    xo Alicia

  8. Good progress on both your HAEDS. The new wolf chart is beautiful.

  9. I love your WIPs! You have gotten a lot done on Middle Earth, wow! Looking forward to seeing you start (and finish) the wolf. He is beautiful.

  10. Wow, Middle Earth is looking great! Love to see the words appear, and I think even the smaller print is legible. Doggie Bookshelf is so cute. I kind of remember them having dog-themed titles, like Bark Twain? ;) Curious to know what yours says. And I love the wolf pattern! Almost got it when I saw it on Joyze's blog, but I resisted (got 3 others though). I'll try and wait patiently for you to start this, though I am really looking forward to it! :)

  11. I think the writing looks amazing. Your progress on both pieces is fantastic!

  12. Middle Earth looks amazing and the bookshelf is darling!!! And whooooop whooooooop for the Wolfie.... 2017 start sounds great! ;)


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