Freitag, 8. Juli 2016

Page finish on SuSi Ride of the Yokai and a small new start =)

Well, I just wanted to stop by and show my latest page finish: It's another (partial) page on my Supersized Ride of the Yokai by Ruth Thompson. 3 pages down, only 167 to go, lol.
So here is what this looks like now:
I think it's really beautiful, the colors blend into each other so well and the colors are so lovely! 32ct and I are finally becoming friends, I got used to the small crosses and I currently manage 200-300 stitches per night on it. I decided to continue working on this for a few more days and made a start on page 137, which is the first page of the row above (I want to see a bit more of the actual picture so I decided to stitch the row above as well).

I also started one of the kits I got (smaller projects to get something finished eventually). It's called "Embroidered Morning" by DMC:

I think it's a really nice and cute design, I bought this 50% off, so it was quite a good deal. It's part of a series of four (I got another one in the sale) and if it stitches up as lovely as in the picture, I will surely get the other 2.  Here is where I am now, I started with the bird:
It looks a bit weird so far, but I think it will look better once I fill in the green and pink colors =) I'm hoping to do so during the weekend.

Since the 32ct and I are now best friends (coverage is truly amazing) I decided that the first GK I start will be Crossing the Stream. I figured out that I "only" need 105 skeins to kit it up (completely, I feel better getting all the floss with projects as big as that one), which is still less than the 281 I need for Beauty with Parasol. The floss is already ordered, as well as a few more colors I need to start another Haed (yes, another one...):
The Potting Shed by Aimee Stewart!!!!
This design is gorgeous. I love my garden with all my flowers, I dream about having a truly big garden (when I grow up = finish phd and start earning real money) and I love the design. I decided to go with the regular size, that is still 700x500 stitches, so big enough for me. I am in the Aimee Stewart Haed Group on FB and Aimee showed a preview of this design a while ago and the moment she shared it, I knew I had to get and start this as soon as it is released. I already have fabric and the missing 10 colors are on their way and there will be nothing to stop me :D

As some of you may have heard, Haed is running another challenge. It started July 1st and runs until Oct 15th. The challenge is to complete 1 full page (or 1.5 in large format) using their parking method. Unfortunately, their method is not the one I use. I use and love my waste knots, I seriously don't know how else to start a and end a thread on a higher count: I can do the pin stitch on Aida, but I feel uncomfortable doing that on 25ct or 28ct or even 32ct because it's so small and I don't was to damage the fabric by pushing my needle through the strands. I tried starting and finishing by running the thread under a few stitches on the backside, but I find it quite hard on 25ct (did that for Challenge 2) and can't imagine doing that on a higher count (it's quite tight). The challenge is to stitch row  by row using parked threads, but you are not allowed to tie off your threads if there is a possibility to park the thread somewhere below (most people are actually parking below when working the rows), but then my parked threads would mix up with my waste knots. So this might not the be the ideal technique. I prefer stitching and parking in one row only, so I don't have such a mess and use my waste knots as I am used to.
The previous challenges were things I never tried before and it was nice to give things a try. But the last challenge was rather huge with stitching at least 7300 stitches. I was very close to hating cross country and hating my project in the end. So I am not sure if I will do the next challenge. I just don't want to "ruin" my favorite technique for me. I think I will give it a try, but if I notice that I don't enjoy it, I will not continue with it. I think about taking QS Trapped out again, it's small enough to torn my frame to start and end threads on the backside. I would stitch pages 1 and 5 (the one below). I'll keep you up to date with my decision and my attempt to do the challenge.

Well, it looks like I have more to talk about than I thought :D But I will go and do a bit of stitching on Ride of the Yokai now =)

Happy stitching =)


  1. Great work on your large project, "only" 167 pages to go!
    Love the bird design too.
    If I am stitching on a project where it's difficult to run the thread under some existing stitches to anchor it (usually an over one project). I will leave a longer tail on the back when I make my first stitch (10-15mm) and make sure the backs of my first few stitches go over that tail so it is anchored by them. Hope that makes sense without a diagram!

  2. I haven't started a super size project yet but I was thinking about Butterfly Ball. Its such a gorgeous detailed project. I suppose I'll try to finish a couple smaller projects first. Ride of the Yokai is so pretty, I am looking forward to seeing more progress.

  3. At least the page count is going down and not up lol! 167 is very epic though :) Love the bird! It's a shame you're sitting the challenge out! Could you try using the lasso start instead? Then you wouldn't have waste knots getting in the way!

  4. Still love the colors in Yokai, it is absolutely gorgeous! Your little bird is cute too, and very colorful. It really does have the looks of crewel embroidery, which I love. And my goodness! The Potting Shed is going to be so bright and beautiful! Can't wait to see your start on this. :)

  5. Your Ride of the Yokai is going to be amazing when it is done! (I love Ruth Thompson's work. I'll be doing page 8 of Twilight Duel for the challenge.) I cannot wait to see your progress on The Potting Shed. It is gorgeous. I just looked up QS Trapped and it is fantastic, too. I love your taste in cross-stitch and enjoy seeing your updates!

  6. The Yokai colors really are absolutely gorgeous. I love them! I tend toward blues and greens and purples generally speaking so it's not a huge surprise to me that I think it looks so beautiful, but the way they blend together really makes me want to just stare at the picture for awhile.

    I really like the new Aimee Stewart one too. Almost added it to my wishlist myself. I also really like the little bird. It has a wonderfully intricate look to it... it's detailed in a way that I find to be rare in smaller designs. You pick the most lovely charts.

  7. Isn't 32 count just the best? :DDDD I know I wouldn't change it to any other fabric :DDDD Amazing job on all your wips!

  8. The colours in Yokai are amazing and I agree they blend really well. I love your new Aimee chart, she really knows how to make use of colour in her artwork. I checked out the Golden Kite Crossing the Stream and I think it's fantastic, especially the girl in the blue dress. I'm looking forward to your wips on that one too. I will have to go back and read the rules for Challenge 3 I didn't though they were so strict with the parking method. It may not suit me either. I really disliked the cross country challenge, which is a shame so I was hoping that I could do challenge 3. Give it a go and we will both see how it feels. Enjoy stitching more Yokai!
    xo Alicia


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