Samstag, 16. Juli 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - July

And it's the middle of July and so it's time for another GG SAL post. My plan to join every month is working out so far ;-) The SAL is hosted by Jo, so feel free to pay her a visit or take a look at the other entries for July =)
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to stitch as much as I wanted on my projects for this SAL, but I have some progress to show and that's still better than nothing.

First up is my progress on the Map of Middle Earth - I added another 1400 stitches and finished page 3! This also means that I have less than 400 000 stitches to go (399 100 to be exact :D), yay! :D
So here is Middle Earth as of last month:

And now:
I am so excited that the writing is appearing now, on the next page we will rediscover the lost realm of Anor. I think about giving this a try for the Haed challenge, so there will hopefully be a lot of progress next month =)

Next up is my Candy Cane Santa Stocking. It got way less love than I wanted, but I added at least a few stitches. Last month:
And now, I added some background and a few greens, but at least he is still psycho-Santa :D
Last but not least I worked on my Dog Bookshelf piece and added a few stitches. I am very close to finishing page 2 and hope to do that next month:
And now:
It was a lot of confetti lately, but the result is beautiful =) I'm looking forward to picking this up again =)

I'll share an update on Middle Earth in a few days (along with one for Ride of the Yokai).

Happy stitching!


  1. Beautiful progress on all your wips! And good luck if you attempt the HAED challenge. :)

  2. Very impressed by your progress. Your works look very nice, specially Candy Cane Santa. xxx

  3. Great progress, I love the map of Middle Earth

  4. I have enjoyed visiting to read your GG post. As usual, Candy Cane Santa is my favourite - he is looking good! Middle Earth is very impressive too.

  5. Every milestone deserves a little celebration. Congratulations on being under 400,000 stitches left on Middle Earth! YAY!

    Psycho Santa never fails to amuse and Dog Bookshelf looks great. It looks like you're past the halfway point on Barkleberry Finn. :)

  6. 1400 stitches is alot of progress. It looks fantastic. I'm excited for you too that the words are starting to creep into it. I love your needleminders too. Good luck on finishing page 2 on Doggie Bookshelf, it's looking great so far, what a little cutie he is. I love this SAL too and it's the only one I've managed to keep up with as well YAY!!
    xox Alicia

  7. Good progress on your projects. Congratulations on keeping up with the GG SAL every month!

  8. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Middle Earth is looking amazing!

  9. Great progress... Middle Earth is coming along brilliantly! I love your doggie bookshelf stitching :o)
    Hugs xx


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