Sonntag, 6. März 2016

Update on Paddy and Stash

Well, I only have a bit of stitching to show since I mostly worked on the Middle Earth Map for the RR. I finished my part a few days ago after really pushing it. I will show a picture of my finished part for the GG SAL in a few days.

In desperate need to work on something else I continued to work on QS Paddys Luck and the first page is as good as finished (I'm missing two colors, but they are on their way and should be here any day now) and I started on page 2. I noticed that a part of Paddys head is going to show on this page, yay!
Here he is so far:

Stitching the rainbow is so much fun, the colors are nice and bright and make me happy! The blocks of color are stitching up very quickly and since there are different parts of the rainbow in one column it doesn't get boring. The green in the lower right corner is actually a part of the shamrock Paddy is holding! Total progress is nearly 5600 stitches (minus some 15 or so where I am waiting for my threads to arrive), that means I added 2600 stitches over the last month. I never thought it would be that much! I will share another progress picture ones the missing threads are here.

The next update will also feature some progress on Kreimhilds Revenge. I put her on the frame yesterday, but there is not much to show yet.

The next thing I have to show is some stash that arrived over the last months and which I forgot to show.

First up is an order I placed at sewandso in January when I discovered my love for Mill Hill, so it consists of Mill Hill:
I got two of the Arctic Circle Santas, Lapland and Greenland:

I got all three of the Medieval Santas: Here are Canterbury (which I already stitched, but he needs cutting and backing and I hate his beard... and BF says he looks like Cthulhu... lol..), Saxony and Avignon: 

And I got another super old kit, I don't know what it's called. I saw this stitched in the Mill Hill group on Facebook and the little reindeers are so cute:

A needlework shop here had to close and had a final sale at the end (30% off) so I decided to get some kits.

I ordered even more Mill Hill Stuff:
This is a rather old kit, I think it's called "Halloween Eve". The kit actually contains some linen instead of the perforated paper in the picture. Maybe I will exchange it because I don't really like the look of it. But I think the little raven and pumpkin buttons are really cute =)
This one is called "All is calm" and I really like the little bunny button. The threads and beads look great as well.

 This one is the third of the Arctic Circle Santas, it's Nunavut Santa (I have no idea how to pronounce this, some days I am quite happy that I didn't find the courage to do floss tube..).
This is one of the Starlight Santas called "Eastern Star Santa" . He will probably be my next Mill Hill start (still doing good on stitching one per month), I really love the colors in his coat!
And I also got two kits from Eva Rosenstand (which reminds me that I still have one of her kits untouched in my cupboard...). The first one is a small one which was listed as "Rotkehlchen" (translates to "robin", I'm not sure if this is the actual name or just a description)
The second one was listed as "Rehfamilie"("deer family")
Those kits are usually very expensive, so I took advantage of the 30% off and ordered those two.

I thinks that's about it. I'll go back to stitching Kreimhild now so I can show some work on her soon!

Happy stitching!


  1. Nunavut is in Canada and we pronounce it Nun(like the women)-a-voot(like hoot but with a v). :) Paddy is really coming along and I love the bright colours

  2. Omg! That Santa really does resemble Cthulu! Too cute. I think I like the Eastern Star Santa best. His coat really is colorful. Great progress on Paddy. Can't wait to see Kreimhild again soon. Happy stitching!

  3. Wow what a great new stash
    Love your little paddy :)
    Such a cheerfull little man
    Look forward what will be on your next rotation :)
    Big hug from Holland

  4. Nice stash! I agree with hubby, a Cthulu Santa, just what we need LOL.
    I have stitched the Winter Wonderland design, it is a lovely piece when it is finished. I recommend you stitch that one first!


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