Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL - March

Well, it looks like we are already half way through March and it's time for another edition of the one and only GG SAL =) For those of you unfamiliar with this or who want to look at the other participants work, please take a look over here =)

I am super happy with my progress during the last month. I stitched on the Middle Earth Map for Chelle like a mad girl and managed to finish page 3 on it, yay me!
Chelle told me to "stitch for one month or one page, whichever comes first", so I started stitching on the 4th February and finished the started page page on 3rd March at 10:20 pm, lol.
I had a bit of trouble due to hurting my back and not being able to sit on my frame for several days, so I am super happy that I managed it in time. But I guess you are all waiting for the final picture, so here it is:
And here is a picture of the full map, as of when I finished my part (including my in my pjs, lol... my hair is a mess...)
I smile like a super happy girl, in the end it was really hard to focus on the Map, I even dreamt about stitching it :D I guess I'll be ready to stitch on my own map next month again...

After finishing the map I took out Candy Cane Santa and added a few stitches. Remember last time, when he was looking like an asian smilie:
He turned into overly-attached-psycho Santa (like the overly-attached-girlfriend memes...) :

His eyes look rather creepy :D It's a bit like "He know if you've been bad or good BECAUSE HE IS ALWAYS WATCHING YOU!" :D
I added a bit of his hood, which makes him look less awkward... At least a bit..

That's my progress for this month, I hope to get some work done on the dog bookshelf piece for next  month and I think about stitching the small robin kit for my BFs mother (I really want to start it and I think she would like it). But we will see how far I can get =)


  1. Hi Johanna, Hopping on from Jo's GG post.
    Wow great stitching on the HAED. You have achieved good progress on the Santa too.

  2. Lovely stitching, the map is spectacular

  3. The map looks super fabulous (and so do you)! I think you come up with the best descriptions of your Santas. He is coming along nicely tho. Great work! :)

  4. Your map is amazing, well done. I like your Santa - his eyes look kind to me. I enjoyed reading your post.

  5. Thank you for taking part in GG this month.
    Awesome progress on the map, it is an amazing project.
    Eyes always look odd when they are half stitched. I am sure the backstitch will improve him and make them twinkly not staring!

  6. I think it's amazing that many stitchers are putting so much time into that huge map. It looks stunning. Well done on completing your part!
    You made me laugh with your comment about Santa's eyes, I'm sure he will look more normal the more you stitch!


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