Dienstag, 2. Juli 2019

WIPocalypse June

Hello lovely fellow stitchers,
I didn't make it to post on Sunday and then we were out of internet for two days, so I am making this post today. But you have to look at the positive side of things - I have an additional update for you because I am doing the One-per-day-challenge and already worked on this challenge for two days.

This being the June update means that we are to take a look at our goals for the year and see how we are doing. I honestly don't really want to take a look, I fear I am far from accomplishing anything this year. But if I remember correctly, I didn't put my goals to high. Anyway, let's have a look.

First up is my Kriemhild, she is (as every year) my focus piece and I try to work on her every month and that's what I did (even if I missed one WIPocalypse, I still worked on her). My plan is to finish the 5th row of pages and make a start on row 6. I am not yet done with the row, but on a good way. I also made some progress on her during the last month. Last time I was at the end of page 37:
Which I finished earlier:
And I made a tiny start on page 38:
And she is also still on my frame and I think I will add another column or two before switching to something else. Since January I did 10 083 stitches on her, so we are on a good way. I am joining the next Haed challenge on Facebook, which is to put in 10k stitches between now and 24th December, to finish the 5th row on pages would be 10 010 stitches. If I do about half a page per month, I should have this done by the end of November.

Next up is QS Paddys Luck, which you recently saw. My goal was to finish the first row of pages and that's what I did in June. Last time you saw Paddy:
And now, the first row in all it's glory:
I did a total of 5 440 stitches on Paddy this year and I am very much looking forward to start the next row because I can get back to stitching the rainbow again.

The next one is QS Trapped, on which I didn't work at all. I think this would be a good project for another one-stich-a-day challenge, but I still have a few months to try that (maybe in August or October?)

Next up is my Golden Kite called "Crossing the Stream". I have 3 pages done and want to stitch at least two pages this year. I have chose this project for the one-per-day challenge, which means that I want to work on this daily and stitch one square (at least). If work on this through the month, I should be able to stitch (at least) one page. I already worked on this twice and went from here:
To here:
Indeed I stitched two squares today because I loved working with the greens so much. So a total of 270 stitches done with a lot more to come =) I will share some updates on this one on my Instagram (@lady_stitchalot), not on a daily basis (I guess everyone would be sick of this after a week), but I will share a picture every few days. If I remember, I will also update on Facebook and maybe do a midmonth update here as well.

My second Supersize project is also on the list. I want to get Ride of the Yokai past the 15 000 stitches mark. I already did a bit of work on this one and I have now 12 550 stitches done, so I added 1 860 stitches to it. Another round of working on this should do the trick.

Last but not least there is a project I want to finish, which I actually "want to finish this year" for like 3 year now, which is since I started it. You see how well it works. I am talking about Cliffside Beacon from the Dimensions Gold petite collection. I went from here:
To here:
I just forget about this project all the time, but I vow to put a few stitches into this in July!

That's all the goals I posted at the beginning of the year. Another "plan" was to stitch from my stash this year (which is huge), well this didn't work out. As mentioned last month, I got a new pattern called "Garden Gate" by Dona Gelsinger and I started it =) I wanted to give the Haed challenge a try, but I didn't have a chance to stitch a full page by the end of June, but I still got half a page in:
I still have a long way ahead of me until it will look like this:
I am stitching on light green 32ct Murano, 1 over 1, full cross. All the confetti takes ages to stitch, but the result is so lovely and a real joy to stitch! I did 2 400 stitches on this one so far =)

As for my stitch count, I am currently at 31 633 (including my work on Middle Earth, which I share for the GGSAL and not counting my work on my Dimensions projects) and I worked on 11 different projects so far, if my count is correct I have 26 projects in total running, so still a way to go!

So all that is left for me to do is to share this months link-up with you, so you can check out more lovely projects!
Happy stitching =)


  1. Fantastic progress on everything!

  2. WOW that is some amazing progress. You should be very proud of all your achievements this year. Especially since you had some health problems and suffered quite a bit of pain. Good going stunner, such beautiful projects. Love how Kreimhild is looking. She is as gorgeous as ever.
    xo Alicia

  3. Great progress! It looks like even with your medical issues, you're well on track to reach your goals.

  4. Absolutely fantastic progress you have made! Well done love! I love seeing these progress shots, as I find I can't see my progress until I compare them side by side & then you can see how much you actually did. Much love!

  5. Wow, you have some massive projects but you can see the progress on them all.


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