Dienstag, 20. März 2018

IHSW and tons of stash!

Yes, you did not misread the headline! I managed to take part in the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, yay! I was a pretty good hermit in Saturday, where I spent all day stitching, and I was a fairly good hermit on Sunday, where besides stitching I went for lunch with a friend and had my first book club meeting (which was awesome), but before and after that, I stitched ;-)
The link-up, along with an awesome update on Joyszes "Yexian" can be found here.

I originally wanted to pick out my focus piece Kreimhilds Revenge, but since it was St Patricks day on Saturday, I decided to pick up my QS Paddys Luck by Joana Bromley and that was exactly the right choice, so much fun! Why didn't I work on this for so long? The last update is from the end of July last year!

Anyway, here is where I started:
And here is where I got by Sunday evening:
I added some 1 100 stitches, I hoped for more, but the confetti in Paddys head slowed me down. By now, I finished this column and there are 560 stitches left for a page finish, which I will surely get done for the WIPocalypse update at the end of the month.

And this brings us to the second part of this post! I went to crafts fair last week and bought some pretty goodies there and then also my Gecko Rouge Gold Club kits arrived. I chose the voucher as my half year reward, so I am able to choose various items instead of one kit. I got the following two kits:
This is "Paddy the Rat drinking Guinness in a Quiet Pub" by Tanya Bond - I choose 18ct for this one. I already have the matching needle minder. There is a companion piece called "Ronald the guard drinking Carlsberg", which I also find very cute. I was close to buying it ;-)

This is the second kit I chose "Lil' Hamster Playing Bagpipes" by Amy Lyn Bihrle. I'll do this on 25ct magic guide fabric. It's soooo cute =)

And here are the things I bought at the crafts fair:
This is a Maia kit called "Geishas". I am usually not into Geisha motifs, but this one was so beautiful and colorful, I could not resist. This is my first Maia kit, I think it uses Anchor floss (which is common in Germany, but I never used it before) and is worked on 18ct Aida. I feel a great itch to start this!

This is the second kit I got, another design by Eva Rosenstand. I have seen this design online and I absolutely loved it, but it was really expensive (I think about 190 Euro). And then I found this one on sale for 60 Euro, so I bought it right away :D It's very big and very pretty ;-)

These are two smaller kits I bought from a German designer called "Liebevolle Kreuzstitchentwürfe", they have a lot of seaside designs, they had a lot of stitched designs on display and so I decided to get two of them for a try. After all, some smaller finishes can be very motivating =)

I also got two magnets to make into needle minders:
And I also bought a pair of earrings:
This is from a German shop called "Schokoklunker" . They have a lot of amazing jewelry designs, most of them are chocolate themed items and they look so real! I was pretty torn between getting this one (Spekulatius is very famous for Christmas here - it's a sort of spiced cookie and I am not sure if it has an English name) and a pair of Oreo cookies ;-)

I also bought a couple of other things like wedding cards (I am invited to several weddings this year), a birthday present for my nighbor and a couple flowers for the garden (I have two weeks off around Easter and hope to get started on gardening - right now it's to cold for flowers). I am also expecting another pair of earrings, I saw it last year and was so much looking forward to getting it, but it was already sold. But it's already on it's way to me and should arrive here soon.

Well, this is a long post, longer than I thought. And I think I will try and not buy any more stitchy stuff for a while, I have sooooo many lovely non started projects ;-)

Happy stitching =)


  1. Those earrings are super cute. They really look like cookies! Great progress on Paddy. You've given him a nice blue sky. And so many nice kits! I've seen the geishas finished recently, and they looked very detailed, and like a lot of work! I've also seen how big those flowers are, but they are so lovely. I know you will stitch everything up beautifully. Happy stitching! :)

  2. That certainly was a haul! All your choices are so very different, you will never get bored. Great progress on Paddy too, the colours are beautiful.

  3. Fantastic progress on your Irish themed piece. Funny how everyone becomes Irish for March LOL.
    Love those earrings but my son would try eat them!
    Great new stash too, plenty to keep you busy this year. And next year and the several after.

  4. Great progress on St Paddy - you're right, those colours are awesome! And then, so much pretty stash. I love the Geisha kit, the Guiness-drinking rat and the flowers...so exciting!


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