Mittwoch, 28. Februar 2018

WIPocalypse - February

Ah well, it's time for another WIPocalypse and I am only two days late for it :D And it is still February, so I am getting better at this! Maybe there will come a month when I am on time for this ;-)
Anyway, this months reason for being late is that I really wanted to finish the 30th page on Kreimhilds Revenge for this post and I was some 500 stitches short on Sunday evening. So there is another full shot of Kreimhild here, which is something after all, right?

But first let me point you towards the monthly link-up here. This months question is on the one hand about our results for the Olympic stitching challenges, but I didn't do any, so I am skipping this. On the other hand it's about our favorite stitching gadgets. Ah, that's easy, since I don't use a lot of gadgets. In fact, the only thing I use are needle minders and I have a ton of them. I absolutely need some kind of magnetic board to store them all, they are just everywhere and I am sure I already lost a few. Here are all that I could find:

But now for my progress for this month!
First up is my promised update on Kreimhilds Revenge by H. D. Johnson. As I said, I finished page 30, which means I went from here:
To here:
That's a total of 3465 stitches since you last saw her, yay! I am back to my schedule with her and I am aiming for a row finish by the end of April.

The next one I want to show is a new start and it's not a Haed. I started my second Gecko Rouge project. It was so cold and I was in such a winter mood, I just couldn't resist starting "Across Winter Lake" by Jo Grundy.
Here is what I have so far:

Well, these are 1846 stitches and they took ages because it is soooooo much confetti. It looks really pretty, but in the end I was sort of happy to be able to put this down ;-)
In the end, I hope it will look like this:
You can see, that I still have a long way to stitch on this! But at least, not all of this seems to be as confetti heavy as those trees.

The last project I worked on is my Mill Hill kit called Hydrangeas. I stitched more green and went from here
To here:
I stitched all of the dark green now and I am already done with the very dark green. The other green shades are no as much as the dark green and since I have enough stitching done for orientation, I hope to be able to finish a few more of those for next month.
I have to hurry up with this one now, Mill Hill already published another design from this range (geraniums) and I already bought it ;-)

Anyway, I am off to my mother in laws birthday party now, my fiance is already waiting for me =)

Happy stitching


  1. All beautiful stitching Johanna! I really like Jo Grundy's artwork but can't imagine what the confetti must be like.

  2. You really made some good progress on Kreimhild, she looks great :) And the new start does as well. You were not even late for the checkin - it was moved to the 28th to fit in with the Olympics.

  3. Great work on Kreimheld, she is looking amazing.
    Nice new start too, pretty colours.


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