Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

WIPocalypse June

I am nearly in time for WIPocalypse. who would have thought that could happen! But here I am :D This wonderful SAL is supposed to inspire us to stitch on our projects as if it's the end of the world (and that new projects, just imagine the world ends and you never started one of your favorite projects???) and is hosted by Measi, you can find the link-up post here. 

This months question is about our stitchy spot. I usually sit on the couch when I stitch, it usually looks quite messy ;-) To the one side I have my floss boxes (currently four, I think I pwn a whole set of DMC by now), my Millennium frame in front of me and to the other side I have my laptop and an ort jar. I also have a pillow in the back, it's just more comfortable for me.

I usually looks like this :D I mostly listen to audiobooks (therefore I need my laptop close by), watch flosstube or TV (which is in front of me). I try to have anything I need close by, so I don't need to get up all the time :D

As for this months progress!
The first thing I worked on is The Potting Shed by Aimee Stewart, such a beautiful and colorful summer design! I got carried away and finished the first page =) I added 2800 stitches to this one and went from here:
To here:
I absolutely love it!! =) I can't wait to get back to this ;-)

The second project for me was again - as every month and you are probably sick of it by now - Kreimhilds Revenge by H D Johnson. I started page 27 and stitches half of it.
Last time:
And now:
You see the dark thing in the corner there? It's a part of the rock and it means that I am done with the sky-only columns on this row ;-) You can't imagine how happy I am about that :D I am at 117 630 stitches or so, so less than 9000 to go to the halfway point (I did some 12 000 so far this year)!
So stay tuned for next month, she will be back again and maybe we see some more of the actual Kreimhild then ;-) I plan to finish page 27 in July.

The third project I worked on was my Mill Hill kit called Hydrangeas, I already talked about it and finally, there is something to see:
My own Hydrangea is in bloom by now, I just love to see them open up and change the color from green to violett to dark blue ;-) I absolutely need more Hydrangea patterns in my live :D

Last but not least I started my first Diamond Painting. I chose "Dragons Keeper" by Renee Biertempfel. It's 525 stitches wide and 339 stitches high, so it's not that big of a design. But since the canves is 10ct, the canvas is huge! I made a start on page 1 and did some 2000 diamonds:
It goes way faster than stitching and it's pretty, but it does not compare to stitching ;-) after working on this for an hour or so, I just feel like doing some actual stitching ;-) But I think the design will look great as a Daimond Painting, just as a reminder, it should look like this:
That's it for this month =)
Happy stitching =)


  1. I never get tired of watching your projects grow and develop. Great progress as always!

  2. I love hydrangeas too. Looking forward to seeing more progress on that one

  3. So much progress on each of your projects. Great job!

  4. A great update! It's lovely to follow your progress on these huge projects.

  5. Great progress on all your projects. I love the bright colours in the potting shed. A great piece to compliment all your gardening. I am interested in the way that you park your threads for haeds. From the photos it looks as if you only park at the bottom of the page and have waste threads on the right hand side. So do you find that you start and stop many threads? Since you would have to start them all at the top?

  6. Your stitching spot looks very similiar to mine! Great progress on your stitching too. I am tempted to start a diamond painting myself, but I don't think I'd dare do a HAED as a first project!

  7. Love the progress on the Potting Shed, so many colours being added already!

  8. Wow you absolutely nailed stitching progress for June! I love the vibrant colours in Potting Shed, and I don't blame you for continuing to stitch it. I will never ever get tired of seeing Kreimhild. I love this wip of yours and I've been following your progress since the dawn of her. I can imagine how happy you are to finish the last page of full sky for the row. I know it can be an arduous task but you did it YAY!!!!

    As for your DP, man that is a fantastic choice! It's going to look amazing and humongous. LOL. How are you coping with all that rolls of canvas? I find it so cumbersome, and I can only work on it outdoors in the pergola as it won't fit on my craft table and it's too huge to keep moving it off the dining table. So it lives outdoors ha ha. I can't wait to see how this looks in the future.

    Happy stitching and sticking
    xoxo ALicia

  9. Sorry I meant to add, that I love your stitchy area. It looks really comfortable. I can see you settling in for hours of stitching fun.
    xo Alicia


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