Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2016

Page finish on Eternal Promise and update on Wolf Variant

Well, time for an update, I have quite a lot to show!

First up is my end of rotation update on Eternal Promise, my LotR Haed by Matt Stewart:
I finished page 3 and made a start on page 4, I have a total of 16 000 stitches done now:
Those trees are really lovely, but the confetti is really hard. I love the outcome, but those 4000 stitches took ages to do!

After sharing my update on this for WIPocalypse, I really had to take a small break and picked up Wolf Variant by Bente Schlick. I worked on this for 4 days and finished off page 10! I did 2100 stitches in 4 days, yay me! It was soooo much fun =)
So here I am right now:

Total Stitches: 409 500
Total Stitches done: 13 900
Stitches done in 2016: 7 100
Stitching days: 14
Average stitches per day: 507
Stitches left: 395 600
Days left to stitch: 781

We already reached December and I still have so many goals I want to meet this year. One of those is to fill in the missing stitches on that 100x160 block and I will see what I can do. I mean this is way more possible than finishing the first row on Iris, the first row on Yule Angel or something like that... I put Yule Angel on the frame for now and will work on that for a few days. Since I haven't worked on Starlight this year, I will do my best to pick that up as well. And then I also wanted to finish my sheep in the meadow and Gwen... Oh my! Where has 201 gone??

I guess I should go for some stitching ;-) 


  1. Beautiful work! I really like how you end your pages so you don't end up with lines.

  2. Great progress. I agree with Tiff, the zig zags are a really good idea.

  3. Both projects are looking great! I know there are days when I love confetti, and days I prefer something simple. Glad you have both kinds of projects to suit your mood! :) Seems like the end of the year is approaching too quick. I want to stitch a little on each project to say goodbye for the year, but I am already looking forward to next year. Hope you get some good stitching in for the rest of 2016, and meet a few more of those goals. :)

  4. The year has gone too fast! Great stitching on both of your projects.


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