Montag, 23. März 2015

Eternal stash, eh Promise!

Well, I went t a craft fair yesterday and I got a bunch of stuff there! It's not only stitching stuff, but I definitely spent the most on stitching ;-)
Here is a pic of all my new goodies:
Apart from stitching I got two shawls (one is going away as a birthday present), some wool for spinning, a pair of Earrings, handmade soap, honey (actually "espresso in honey" and "cacao in honey", they taste really funny, but extremely good) and some material for bobbin weaving. I heard of bobbin weaving earlier, but I never tried it. A good friend of mine wanted to try it, so we did a workshop and it's really fun, so we decided to get the basic material and give it a try.
As for stitching stuff, I got another yarn box along with a bunch of plastic bobbins, a new scissor, some needle (I actually got them for free because I bought so much stuff), a small kit with monsters and bookmarks which I will sent to my sister. And two kits, yay!
Here they are!
First one is called "Wolf Kiss", I think it's really cute. They had a finished one hanging on the wall at the fair and it was amazing! A friend of meine got this as well =)
Second one is "Twilight Bridge" from the Dimensions Gold Collection. I really wanted to get "Japanese Garden", but I was so drawn to this and after all, the Garden is a rather new design so I think it will be available for some time. I didn't have enough money to get both of them. I don't know why, but I really enjoy kits these days...

As for my stitching, I stitched another column on Eternal Promise during the week (next to working on that ornament and QS Theatre of the Absurd - there will be something to show for YOTA!). 
Here is what I got done, 8000 stitches in so far, it's a total of 442,175 stitches, so there is a loooong way to go. (Actuallay, I think this is my largest project... It's bigger than Wolf Variant and Middle Earth!)
I am half way through page 2 and I am going to continue with this for a while. It would be great to get that page finished. You can see, the trees are starting to appear. It's a terrible amount of confetti, but it looks amazing and it's a nice change compared to the border. 

I also signed up for another SAL called "Gifted Gorgeousness" hosted by Jo. It's about stiching things that were gifted to you or which you plan to gift to other people. I am entering with Middle Earth (which I was raked) and maybe a new start. The first post will be on April 15th, so I have time to work on something =) If you are interested, you can find all the information, as well as the sign-up page here.


  1. You picked up a couple of really nice kits along with lots of other good stuff!

  2. Great work on Eternal Promise! I love the new stitchy stash as well. Shopping is so good for the soul!

  3. So pretty! I love your stash - I have that Wolf kit! Irresistible :D


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